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Episode 144: Dr. Thomas Incledon returns to answer listener questions about bulking phase effectiveness, ketosis, the best nootropics, diet strategies, and more

Popular guest, Dr. Thomas Incledon, returns to answer listener questions regarding ketosis, diet strategies, the effectiveness of bulking phases, the best nootropics on the market, as well as the following:

  • Thomas discusses the effectiveness of ketones and how ketone research has been around for over a decade
  • Dr. Incledon discusses the pros and cons of ketosis and various diet strategies
  • Why bulking up before to leaning out is an outdated strategy
  • What are the benefits of supplementing with beta alanine, Ribose, and ATP 
  • What could possibly be in your intestinal tract that could be affecting how effective your supplements are
  • How essential amino acids may help aid in faster recovery, post-surgery
  • Who can benefit from Mark Philippi’s momentum-based deadlift technique
  • Dr. Incledon discusses effective nootropics and how brands like Onnit’s “Alpha Brain” may fall short
    All this and much more: 

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