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Episode 208: Eric July and Alex James of Backwordz on professional protestors and being libertarian

This week we chat with Eric & Alex, from the group, Backwordz. Some may recognize Backwordz frontman, Eric July, via his very outspoken YouTube videos & tweets, regarding his Libertarian-driven views, the need for a free-market, anti-statism, the ills of the U.S. government system, and more. These messages can be heard in Backwordz’s music, and their debut release, “Veracity” is no exception. Eric & Alex join us to discuss the following:

  • Eric & Alex discuss the song “Be Great” and why folks who claim “everyone should pay their fair share” should rethink that
  • Eric discusses professional protesters and why they are essentially professional participants
  • Why the phrase “taxation is theft” means well but is said incorrectly
  • Alex discusses his “clap-back” to Bernie Sanders’s post about “free education”
  • The guys talk taxes from death taxes and “ejacul-tion taxes
  • Alex and Eric share what’s next for Backwordz

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