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LLA Episode 258: John Brookfield Discusses The Battle Rope Origins & Being Strong After 60

In addition to being the inventor of the battling ropes training system, John is one of the strongest men in the world! John has pulled a truck weighing 24,000 pounds a distance of one full mile in one hour and 23 minutes. The mile pull was done without the use of any pulling ropes! Now in his 60s John is still breaking records and getting stronger and is emblematic of the fact that age is a number and you can continue to be strong and make progress well into your senior years. This is an inspiring episode for anyone over forty who thinks his or her best training years are behind them.

Here are some of the discussion points from the episode: 

  • How does John feel regarding not getting strong credit for being the inventor of the now very popular battling ropes system
  • People that have ripped John off and never credit him as the source for training info they clearly have taken from him. 
  • John’s thoughts on wearing a belt for heavy lifts 
  • Mike on his recent experience engaging in heavy deadlift work with a belt and why he is going to keep using it 
  • Did John start off with incredible grip strength or did he harness it after years of dedicated training? The answer may surprise you. 
  • The importance of foot strength and why John often goes hiking on rocks barefoot! 
  • A funny story from John regarding some professional movers vs Crossfit athletes 
  • We discuss John’s new book Renew Your Youth God’s Way and his approach to anti-aging 

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