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Episode 65: Strength coach Chris Reed on the kettlebell blackbelt training system

Christopher Reed ( is the founder of Empire Fitness in Toronto, a sport specific training facility dedicated to helping Canadian high school athletes, regardless of sport achieve their dream of competing at the colligate level in either the CIS or NCAA.

Christopher, possessing an extensive background in football and martial arts was exposed to sport specific training while in high school and never looked back. Christopher is a Certified Kettlebell Teacher, a Certified Underground Strength Coach, a Level 3 National Football Coach and Part-Time Faculty Member within the Department of Criminal Justice and Community and Social Services at Humber College, where he taught Defensive Tactics to students in the aforementioned program, as well as students enrolled in the Police Foundations Program.

Currently Chris is putting the finishing touches on his new training book and manual, The Kettlebell Blackbelt Training System ( He joins Mike & Sincere on episode #65 to discuss his new project and the following:

  • Chris explains what exactly is his “Kettlebell Blackbelt Training System” & what does it have to do with Louie Simmons & the Westside Barbell system
  • How did Mike’s Testoterone Booster play a part in Chris’s KB Blackbelt System
  • How does Chris incorporate kettlebell sport training techniques in order to improve power training with barbells
  • What 2 things did Chris share during the podcast that more creators of info products and coaches should always do, no matter what
  • What is the next gatekeeper to help females in kettlebell sport to compete at the next level
  • What is necessary in order to for kettlebell athletes to successfully transition to coaching in kettlebell sport
  • How does Louie Simmons’s approach to mental toughness correlate to psychologically dominating on the kettlebell sport platform
  • Why focusing on a goal can hamper your performance
  • Why you should never create a training program for your clients that you’ve never done before
  • What Snoop Lion can teach you about “post-training recovery”
  • What you can learn from Asian Reflexoloy Massage parlors about taking risks in business and in life
  • Innovators vs. Regenerators
  • How did Chris boomerang Mike with the subject of Fear vs. Love
  • What Hitler can teach you about fear
  • How to bring an end to the “generation mediocrity”
  • What do all 3 of us have to say about internet marketing-inspired “Mentorships” & “$10,000 Masterminds”


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