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Episode 246: Dr. Thomas Incledon returns to discuss low testosterone, cancer treatments, stem cells, and PRP

LLA Ep:#246: The world’s strongest scientist, Dr. Thomas Incledon returns to discuss the following:

  • Mike shares how he is already tearing right into 2019
  • What is one of the most steps someone must take after having cancer diagnosis or treatment
  • What is Thomas’s approach, when someone comes to him stating they have low testosterone
  • What technology that may be found in most natural doctors’ offices is now found in Thomas’s gyms and why
  • Be inspired by Thomas’s 84-year-old client at
  • How does Thomas take athletic-based modalities to help fight cancer
  • Thomas discusses vibrating plates and their impact on those dealing with certain forms of arthritis 
  • What is Thomas’s view on platelet-rich plasma treatment
  • Thomas shares his colostrum story (which may be similar to your baseball card or comic book story)

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