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Episode 45: Kettlebell And Fitness Expert Steve Cotter

Always great to have longtime friend Steve Cotter on the show: 

Steve Cotter is the creator and president of the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation (IKFF), as well as a well known strength and conditioning coach, martial artist, speaker, and best known as helping to spread the culture of kettlebell training on a global scale.

During episode #45 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Steve joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • How kettlebells made Steve want to be tough enough to be a man, even if he were a woman
  • Steve’s shares how he keeps his training session and nutrition on track, while continuously traveling and teaching in 60+ countries
  • What are Steve’s goals in terms of competing in kettlebell sport in 2014
  • What motivated Steve to work with kettlebell world champions in previous years and have his training/coaching education changed since then
  • What prompted Steve to move on from Dragon Door and strike out on his own, as well as, what were some of top lessons he learned from that experience
  • What events brought Steve & Ken Blackburn together, upon Steve creating the IKFF (International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation), & how a discussion in Amsterdam further cemented their partnership
  • Steve shares what he feels has help keep the IKFF in the forefront, in terms of global integrative kettlebell certifying organizations
  • Why we agree Ken Blackburn is one of, if not, THE top kettlebell sport coach in the west
  • How does the IKFF communicate that they are not just a kettlebell sport organization or just a kettlebell for fitness organiztion
  • What reference to the Bosu Ball has Sincere breaking out his verbal broom to clean up a particular training reference
  • Steve shares why kettlebells are NOT the end all/be all training tool, but how they rival most other training tools
  • What is the optimal age for training with kettlebells…why…and how a coach should proceed to train this age group
  • Steve shares the role performance enhancing drugs play their part in kettlebell sport, the future of competitions, and how the IKFF will address this issue
  • Will Kettlebell Sport ever become an Olympic event and what is Steve’s thoughts, regarding this questions and why?
  • Steve shares what he feels is the current state of the kettlebell world
  • How the IKFF handles quality control of their worldwide instructors
  • What’s next for Steve and the IKFF


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