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Episode 8: Celebrity trainer Ashley Borden

Be sure to download & listen to this week’s latest episode of the Live Life Aggressively podcast. This week, we are joined by our guest, fitness expert & one of the top go-to trainers to the stars, Ashley Borden ( Ashley has successfully helped transform a who’s-who of clients, including Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, & UFC hall of famer, Matt Hughes.

This week the 3 of us discuss:

  • How Ashley has successfully continued to build her business and brand in spite of the hustle & bustle of being in L.A.
  • Ashley’s personal message to up-and-coming personal trainer seeking to “only” train celebrities
  • Bi-polar trainers
  • How the book “Strengthfinder 2.0” helped Ashley expand her brand
  • The importance of establishing boundaries with clients
  • Important tips for utilizing media (social & print) to build your brand and establishing yourself as the go-to expert
  • Ashley’s nightmare trainer referral
  • Client privacy vs. the Facebook Trainer Photobomber
  • How NOT to ask for testimonials
  • The curious case of the “celebrity trainer”
  • How to deal with the client who tries tell you how to coach them
  • How Ashley’s dad & fitness legend Rachel Mclish played a part in Ashley’s fitness journey
  • How an eating disorder & opting out of going to college helps to fuel Ashley’s success
  • The importance of service work
  • How Ashley’s emphasis on the importance of recovery methods is a priceless gem to her clients
  • The detriment of training clients until they “puke” & other client “beatdown training” style
  • The difference between being taken seriously as a fitness professional vs. a social media narcissist
  • How Ashley’s connection to Christina Aguilera took her brand to the next level


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