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Episode 153: Dr. Julio Garcia on stem cell therapy for injuries and fat loss, nanotechnology benefits, and training with Mike Tyson

Dr. Julio Garcia joins today’s episode to talk how his p’s revolutionizing approach to fat loss via stem cell therapy, his personal connection to Mike Tyson, his view on Caitlyn Jenner and gender reassignment, injury recovery as well as the following:

  • Dr. Garcia shares the pros of plastic surgery and dispels some misconceptions
  • What is “cool sculpting,” how does it address stubborn fat, and who is the ideal candidate
  • Dr. Garcia discusses the connection between Scientology, Maxwell Maltz, and the mindset of athletes
  • Dr. Garcia shares his opinion of Caitlyn Jenner
  • The guys discuss the importance of training for performance instead of looks
  • Dr. Garcia shares how he and his colleagues are revolutionizing fat loss, injury recovery, and lung disease though the use of stem cells
  • Can stem cell therapy be a viable option for recovery and joint health
  • How close are we to utilizing nano technology for treatment for major diseases
  • Dr. Garcia describes his one (and only) viagra experience and why he will never use it again
  • Dr. Garcia shares what stem cells are and what they are not, and where the stem cells utilized in his practice are harvested
  • What is Dr. Garcia’s personal connection with Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield
  • Dr. Garcia talks how he approaches gender reassignment surgeries, as well as patients on anti-depressants

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