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Episode 138: Psychologist Michael Friedman, Ph.D. on depression, being bald, who’s the boss, and why he uses old profile pics

Michael Friedman, Ph.D. is the author of the book, “Brick By Brick,” a contributor to Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, and is a clinical psychologist specializing in how social relationships influence mental and physical health. Dr. Mike joins the LLA show to discuss the following:

  • Are there any real benefits to experiencing depression
  • At what point should one seek a professional to aid in coping with depression
  • Dr. Friedman discusses the difference between biological influences of depression & environmental influences of depression
  • Why is the road to success often a depressing journey for many
  • Dr. Friedman discusses the Jekyll & Hyde syndrome of “Social Media Rockstars”
  • Dr. Friedman shares his thoughts on the delusions of grandeur shared by those who mentally relive how fit they were when they were younger
  • Should you treat your spouse like you’d treat your boss?
  • Why you may want to question getting marriage/relationship advice from actor/comedian Steve Harvey
  • How do relationships lead to depression
  • Dr.Friedman discusses the power of mindfulness, gratitude, purpose and the psychological connection of the two
  • Why physical fitness is a breeding ground for depression

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