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Episode 53: Scott Shetler on losing 50lbs and taking charge of his health

Scott Shetler ( is the creator of the Abundant Health Plan, which helped him lose 50 lbs in 4 months, as well as a strength & conditioning coach, author, animal welfare advocate, speaker, and the owner of Extreme Performance Training Systems, & is based in Atlanta.

Scott has served as strength & conditioning contributor to such publications as Mixed Martial Arts magazine, Fight! Magazine, and is the Kettlebell Training Specialist for Tapout’s Virtual Training Center program

During Episode #53 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Scott joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • Mike’s Las Vegas debauchery tales of the week & why Skype did not approve
  • Scott’s shares his training journey from his time spent in the Navy, to bodybuilding, to his own biz/training today
  • What role did Charles Poliquin, Dave Tate, & Louie Simmons play into Scott’s training
  • How does Scott effectively combine kettlebell lifting principles with powerlifting principles
  • How did Scott lose 50 lbs in 4 months
  • Did Mike really come out of the closet? No not that closet! 
  • Scott discusses how he effectively combines traditional internal martial arts practices such as qi gong & tai chi with his daily training program
  • Scott shares the benefits of green smoothies and some of his favorite smoothie combos
  • Scott discusses what meditation is and what is isn’t, and how you can incorporate it into your daily practice
  • Why time can be the enemy of achieving goals
  • What are deficit deadlifts, are they a more valuable training method compared to conventional deadlifts, and how to add them to your training
  • Sumo deadlifts vs conventional deadlifts: which is better and for whom
  • How Scott helped of Dead Prez gain 20lbs of muscle w/o supplements
  • The importance of corporate wellness programs and what are the pros and cons
  • What Scott learned from former UFC fighter Shane Carwin in terms of effective strength and conditioning training for MMA
  • Scott discusses his book project that he co-authored with Mac Danzig (UFC), Amy Dumas (a.k.a. Lita of the WWE), Mike Mahler, Sabina Skala, of the hip hop group Dead Prez, & more, in which 100% of the proceeds supports Mercy For Animals and their efforts to help prevent cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies
  • Mike & Sincere announce the line-up for their upcoming Las Vegas workshop experience & how you can grab a special VIP discount registration before the info goes live on their websites

Links & Resources mentioned in the show:

“Plant-Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach To Health & Fitness:”
Mercy For Animals:


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