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Episode 183: Elite strength coach Eric Cressey on deadlift performance, balance training myths, pros and cons of using a weight belt

Highly sought-after strength coach, Eric Cressey joins the LLA Show to discuss the following:

  • Eric shares the importance of speed necessary for efficient deadlifts and how it has helped him lift nearly 5 times his bodyweight
  • What is the biggest mistake most deadlifters commit
  • Are pre-lifting cues an asset to deadlifts or just pre-performance theatrics
  • Does Eric feel there is any benefit to deficit deadlifts
  • Eric describes the importance of varying your grip for deadlifts
  • Is there a good transfer from squat to deadlift or is it the other way around
  • Eric shares if there are any benefits to performing a personal mock powerlifting meet
  • Eric shares if there is any transfer from olympic lifting to powerlifitng
  • Eric discusses why you should not skip glute-ham raises
  • Eric shares his opinion on the use of a weightbelt
  • Eric discusses the benefits of the safety squat bar and other various bars
  • Are there any merits to unstable surface training
  • Mike helps clarify the substances involved in Jon Jones’s recent removal from UFC 200 & what is NOT being reported

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