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Episode 142: Matt Brown on UFC drug testing, IV and making weight, nutrition periodization

Top UFC welterweight Matt “The Immortal” Brown returns to talk about his recent victory at UFC 189, what UFC president Dana White doesn’t know about hardcore music, Matt’s opinion on doping policies in the UFC, his real stance on the UFC/Reebok deal, plus the following

  • Why UFC president Dana White may need a lesson on what true death metal is
  • Matt shares why Tim Means starting an elbow war in their fight at UFC 189 was a bad idea
  • What you can learn from Robbie Lawler to Bobby Fisher in terms of making your opponent work for you
  • What irritates Matt the most, in terms of post-fight interviews
  • What is Matt’s view of the current UFC anti-doping policies and how it will affect the future of UFC fighters
  • Matt shares why the new restriction on IV use, after cutting weight for weigh-ins, is not going to be as big of a deal in terms of moving up a weight class as Joe Rogan thinks
  • Matt shares how he periodizes his nutrition leading up to a fight, so he doesn’t have to worry about making weight
  • The guys discuss the opinions of Mike Dolce, “professional” nutrition, lazy fighters, diet b.s.
  • Matt discusses his backstage Slayer story, and why it wasn’t what he expected
  • Matt shares how he really feels about the UFC/Reebok deal, as well as, shares what he thinks of the firing of Stitch Duran



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