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Episode 42: Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan Fitness Trend Predictions For 2014

Episode #42: Our popular listener Q&A segment of the twice-weekly Live Life Aggressively show is available right now. This week, Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • Why P90X is like marijuana
  • What should your theme be for 2014
  • Why you should run in the other direction when you encounter most Beachbody “Coaches”
  • What is the cost we pay via a lie by omission…in relationships and marketing
  • What fitness event almost ended Mike’s desire to never work out again
  • What are Mike & Sincere’s fitness trend predictions for 2014
  • What type of coaching will be one of the most sought after in 2014 to help individuals finally reach and surpass their health & fitness goals
  • How some bootcamp instructors behave like Grace, from the TV show, “Will & Grace”
  • How personal trainers and strength coaches can avoid getting burned by 1-on-1 clients, avoid training burn out, and be better than most bootcamp instructors 
  • Mike & Sincere address the challenge of fitness pros pricing for their services
  • The key to attracting the clients you WANT to work with
  • What real gems you can learn from Dan Kennedy’s marketing & how many internet and fitness marketers do it all wrong
  • A great business lesson for entrepreneurs from the Hindu text, The Bhagavad Gita
  • Lessons on luck, risk, and preparation via the movie “Heat” & the legendary group, Motorhead
  • The one question you should use as a litmus test to measure if you are living a great life


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