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Episode 141: Las Vegas headliner Mike Hammer on success, the tabata protocol, and the negatives of America’s Got Talent

Mike Hammer is a Las Vegas Headliner at the Four Queens Hotel & Casino, which is downtown Las Vegas’s #1 Show. Mike has held gigs as an MMA ring announcer, was featured in an MMA special MTV, and was featured on A&E TV and seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Mike’s biggest claim to fame is what he did with the largest number of female undergarments, during one single event…..just kidding….or not….listen now to find out about his and the following:

  • Mike shares how he set the world record for making the most panties disappear, during one single event
  • Mike discusses his recent appearance on Penn & Teller’s new show & how he did it with the assistance of a blowup doll
  • Mike talks why there is no such thing as an “overnight success” The guys talk “ethical psychics” & mind-reading blowup dolls
  • Mike shares the pros and cons of acts from reality shows such as “American’s Got Talent” & why he turned them down
  • The guys talk the confusion of Tabata Training vs. Interval Training
  • Why Mark Philippi doesn’t take advice from anyone who doesn’t have gray hair 

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