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Episode 133: Super strong scientist Thomas Incledon PH.D., on Paleo Diet flaws, anabolics, the 4-hour a-hole, TRT in the UFC

Dr. Thomas Incledon, a.k.a “The World’s Strongest Scientist,” is a world renowned scientist in the fields of anti-aging medicine and natural hormone therapy since 1989.

Tom is also the CEO of Human Performance Specialists, Inc. and Human Health Specialists where he helps individuals from all walks of life optimize their health, quality of life, and athletic performance.

Tom joins us to discuss the following:

  • Thomas shares why he’s often referred to as “The World’s Strongest Scientist”
  • Thomas has an honest conversation about using anabolics & being a human lab rat
  • Dr. Incledon shares the surprising results he discovered when he performed extensive lab work on some of the “top paleo” figureheads
  • What happened when Thomas called out Dr. Andrew Weil & Dr. Barry Sears, while co-presenting with them at a conference
  • Why should you consider putting together your own health & fitness Dream Team
  • How the common Paleo & typical omnivore argument, that Vegans don’t get enough protein and are B12 deficient misses the mark
  • Dr. Incledon gives his take on the term “Biohacking” & those who have popularized the term
  • What is the ideal number to maintain blood glucose levels before and after a meal to be leaner and healthier for many people
  • Thomas shares his “interesting experiences” when he worked with Tim Ferriss & how one event should appear in a book called “The 4 Hour A–hole”
  • Dr. Incledon talks UFC fighter Vitor Belfort, TRT, maintaining high testosterone levels when cycling off of TRT, and masking agents
  • Thomas shares his current favorite natural testosterone boosters
  • When lifting heavy: To wear a belt or not to wear a belt….that is the question. Thomas shares his answer

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