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Episode 106: Kettlebell and fitness expert Shaun McMaster on training and helping homeless animals in Spain

Having a career as a school teacher and being an avid fitness and martial arts fanatic was simply not enough for Shaun McMaster. The U.K. born/Spain-based McMaster saw a major issue with the homeless dog population in Spain, and instead of complaining about it, he and his wife decided to do something about it. Listen in to this week’s episode and learn how Shaun connected affordable vacationing opportunities in Spain with saving the lives of Spain’s growing homeless dog population, as well as the following: 

  • How does Shaun combine yoga, martial arts, & kettlebells in his training program & why
  • How did a school teacher from England end up rescuing dogs in Spain full time & why you should plan on traveling to Spain for your next vacation
  • The guys discuss the impact of DDP yoga, Steve Maxwell’s advice about crawling, & utilizing Bikram yoga to rehab injuries
  • How did Shaun come up with the idea for exchanging free housing for vacationers for animal resuce volunteering
  • Why is Shaun not interested in preparing the dogs he rescues to transition to a rescue shelter
  • How did the Cro-mags and Bad Brains influence Shaun’s life & how the LLA podcast impacted Shaun and his organization
  • How did the lack of empathy of the majority of the Spaniards Shaun encountered played a major impact on his animal rescue 
  • What are the daily amenities vacationers will experience during the Dog Rescue Holidays
  • What the story of entertainer Josephine Baker can teach you in terms of giving and wanting to change the world
  • Why Mike’s “Mahlerous Interrruptus” syndrome is not necessarily a bad thing
  • Why “not being” the creative type can actually be a good thing, in terms of following your passion

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