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Episode 96: Flexibility and mobility expert Tom Furman on pain-free aging

Tom Furman ( has been involved in martial arts and conditioning since 1972. With an early background in wrestling and a student of the methods of the York Barbell Club, Tom immediately separated fact from fiction growing up outside Pittsburgh. Eleven members of his family were combat veterans, the most famous one being “Uncle Charlie” (Charles Bronson)
His down to earth training methods are derived from his decades long practice of martial arts and his study of exercise science. The application of force, improvement of movement and durability rank high on his list of priorities when training.

Tom is the creator of the popular DVD “Concrete Conflict & Conditioning” which integrates strength, movement, and physical combat. He also created another DVD called “Activate Your Dynamic Range of Motion” which introduces Tom’s excellent program of flexibility.

Tom joins us on this episode to discuss the following:

  • What is Tom’s assessment of the need for more focus on mobility for the 40-50+ crowd
  • What movement patterns does Tom suggest that those over 50 should practice daily
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes fitness enthusiast make in their teens & 20s that tend to mostly show up in their latter years & how to correct them, no matter how old you are
  • How does the decline in mobility drastically effect the quality of life, as well as life expectancy
  • Why “retirement” can be a huge mistake
  • What can you learn from the Dog Brothers about walking like a warrior
  • Tom discusses what he likes about the Gymnastica Naturale training system & why
  • Why are so many of today’s fitness industry popular mobility & bodyweight “certifications” are actually nothing new & you should not waste your money on most of them
  • Why the common reasoning for the fitness industry certification standard of charging to “renew” a certification is usually asinine
  • Why does the desire for the taste of protein diminish with age 
  • What does your accent have to do with your intelligence
  • What Steve Maxwell, Dan Inosanto, as well as Tom’s mentors can teach you about having the curiosity of a child
  • Tom shares the topic of his upcoming book and why you should grab a copy
  • The importance of giving credit to where credit is due & how some fitness pros get it wrong, especially one particular well-known fitness “personality”

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