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Episode 188: Dr. Mark Gordon and Andrew Marr on reversing gyno, clomid benefits, 7-keto DHEA vs DHEA, causes of abdominal fat

Popular LLA guests, Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr of the Warrior Angels Foundation return to discuss the following:

  • Dr. Mark Gordon shares a “qualified expert’s” view regarding clomid (the banned substance surrounding UFC fighter Jon Jones recent suspension)
  • How does clomid really act in the body and how does it affect hormones
  • Is it possible to reverse gynecomastia in men, without surgery
  • Dr. Gordon shares the benefits of supplementing with Secretrophin for growth hormone and IGF-1 improvement
  • How has Secretrophin benefited the veterans the Dr. Gordon treats
  • What is Dr. Gordon’s view on topical applications and if there are any increased benefits topical vs other forms
  • What are the benefits of 7-keto DHEA vs. DHEA
  • What are the causes of increased abdominal fat
  • Why is testosterone important for women and estrogen in men
  • Andrew shares how the Warrior Angels Foundation has helped female soldiers combat TBI, PTSD, and military sexual trauma
  • Andrew shares how the Warrior Angels upcoming fund drive benefits soldiers and how you can help
  • How does a ketogenic diet have negative effects on ideal gut-brain function
  • What does a day look like, in terms of Andrew’s daily protocol

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