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ASC Episode 23: Warrior Angels co-founder Andrew Marr on optimizing hormones to address TBI

Retired Special Forces Green Beret Andrew Marr has been on the LLA show many times and it was a pleasure to have him on ASC this week. Here are some of the discussion points

  • Andrew on being at his lowest point in which he had zero sex drive and was very suicidal.
  • Using TRT to address PTSD caused by Traumatic brain injuries
  • What the hormonal impact is of a TBI and why anyone that has had a head injury likely has hormonal imbalances.
  • Andrew’s experience with the fertility drug Clomid vs TRT
  • How Andrew met Dr. Gordon and how their first meeting changed the trajectory of their lives!
  • The transformative experience of optimizing hormones to reclaim his life.
  • The negative impact of alcohol on testosterone and growth hormone
  • Andrew on his new documentary “Quiet explosions” which has been an absolute smash at many major film festivals!
  • The importance of a strong purpose to live fully
  • Why the phrase “toxic masculinity” is flawed and what the real underlying issues are.
  • Pick up artist nonsense and the bad advice young men get on how to talk to and attract women.
  • How you can support the amazing work Andrew and Dr. Gordon do via The Warrior Angels Foundation.

For more info on The Warrior Angels Foundation go to https://www.warriorangelsfoundation.o…


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