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Episode 150: SHBG benefits for testosterone, why the low fat craze never existed, coffee you don’t want to miss

This week, Mike & Sincere talk sex hormones, the myth of the “Low Fat” craze, Sincere’s top 5 coffee picks, as well as the following:

  • What is sex hormone binding globulin & why it’s not what many “experts” claim it is and what it does
  • Why living by the numbers, is not necessarily living at all
  • What is R.E.D. & and why is Mike bringing it up, in terms of adrenal health….and why should you care
  • Mike shares why the “Low Fat” craze….never existed
  • What you can learn from “The Great Gatsby” & put into action
  • Why “being the first one to leave the party” is a good philosophy to have as an entrepreneur
  • What is the sure sign that a guy is insecure, that you’d rarely find women
  • Sincere shares his current favorite coffee roasters and coffees


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