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Episode 63: Dr. Kwame Brown on Neuroscience and active play

Dr. Kwame Brown ( is the founder of Move Theory and is a psychology professor at Hampton University. While attending Georgetown University, Kwame studied neural development and spinal cord injury, where he earned a PhD in Neuroscience.

Kwame’s quest to “improve” also led him to a simultaneous career as a personal trainer, instructor of yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and play based movement. However, as his journey expanded, he found a lot more than improvement. He found joy, love, and he found Active Play.

During Ep.#63, Kwame discusses the following with Mike & Sincere:

  • What led Kwame to effectively combine the worlds of neuroscience and active play 
  • What is exactly is “active play” & why is it an important aspect of child, as well as adult development
  • Why being an amateur may be even more important than striving to be a professional
  • Why the term “obesity crisis” is absurd 
  • Why those that profess that the main thing that kids should focus on for character development and to move more, is to participate in sports may have it all wrong
  • What happened during the podcast that shows why Kwame definitely has his priorities in order
  • How does Sincere incorporate active play during kettlebell training with his clients
  • What Mike Tyson can teach us about letting children find their own identity
  • What we can learn from Roger Federer’s key to his success & how to apply this concept to child development via activity
  • Why competition is an agreement
  • What is the importance of self discovery & why it shouldn’t end when we’re young
  • Why, due to cultural differences, Mike & Sincere view the term “Slapping bones” quite differently
  • Why a lot of the corporate world’s functionality is very reflective of many aspects of organized sports
  • What is “phallic mathematics” &amamp; why is it very detrimental to social progress
  • Why it may be a good thing to take a break between the time someone graduates high school & starting college
  • Why total dominance is “not” winning

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