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Episode 243: Adam Blake returns to discuss the benefits of fasting, optimal Vitamin D levels, and techniques guaranteed to increase strength

H2O bassist, Adam Blake, returns to discuss the following:

  • The guys discuss the ramifications for the lack of arts and physical education in today’s education system
  • Adam describes how he stays on point with his fitness program, despite always being on tour with his band
  • What does Adam want to die “ONLY” when he dies
  • Why is suffering a necessity and how can you exercise this philosophy on a daily basis
  • Adam shares why the phrase “Mind over matter” is backward
  • The guys discuss the misconception of vitamin D
  • The guys discuss the benefits of fasting, and Adam shares his experience with 7-day fasts
  • What is the first thing to go, due to taking a week or more off from training
  • What two techniques are guaranteed to get you stronger and improve your workout…and why celebrities Mario Van Peeples and LL Cool J need to do this
  • The guys discuss what 2018 MMA matchups they are looking forward to

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