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Episode 58: Jon Hinds on why the TRX company sucks! Also why Mike Mahler left the RKC back in 2006

Learn why top strength coach Jon Hinds thinks the TRX sucks and why you probably will as well after this episode! Extra bonus learn why Mike left the RKC organization back in 2006. 

Jon Hinds ( & returns to discuss a controversial topic, regarding the concept/product design dispute of Jon’s company, Lifeline USA & its Jungle Gym suspension system vs. TRX’s suspension trainer.

This is a story many may or may not know of, that should be heard. As for those that do know the story of Lifeline USA vs. TRX, it’s a story of loyalty and challenging ethical practices of brands and their marketing.

You definitely want to listen to this episode in its entirety, to hear Jon’s side of this controversy. Also, the door is always open for TRX’s “creator(s)” to come on the Live Life Aggressively podcast and share their side of the story, as well.

Tune in and listen to episode #58 as Jon joins us to discuss:

  • Mike & Sincere share more info on their upcoming Las Vegas training workshop experience with Steve Cotter & Ken Blackburn
  • Jon shares the timeline of his creation of the first portable all-in-one suspension trainer
  • Jon shares how his Jungle Gym’s concept and design was ripped off by the company TRX
  • Jon reveals why it’s good to have a great attorney
  • Jon reveals why TRX’s tagline “Invented by Navy Seals” is a slap in the face to Navy Seals
  • What event caused TRX to actually sue Jon & Lifeline
  • What happened in court that had Jon’s attorneys and even the court reporter laughing
  • What is the only “real” difference between the TRX and the Jungle Gym
  • Which company actually won the court case
  • What you can learn about running a business and competing against larger companies
  • Why the TNT cables by Lifeline are a great transfer to improved kettlebell pressing 
  • What makes the Power Wheel different and a better option than traditional ab wheels & stability balls
  • Why Mike Mahler is an “acquired taste”
  • Why Mike really left the RKC organization back in 2006! Part of it was the lame “radio shack outfits” the instructors wear at RKC certs! 
  • Why “doing what you have to do” is often b.s. & a weak excuse
  • Why harboring hard feelings or screwing over people is like a having a nightly three way
  • What did Sincere say, during the show to help Jon move on from the TRX controversy 
  • Why did Lifeline not market themselves as well as TRX 
  • How to protect yourself in a highly competitive environment

All this and much more:

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