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Episode 179: The Fight Hypnotist Joshua Manuel on the mental side of the fight game and optimizing physical performance

Joshua Manuel works with high-performance clients who need instant results. During his 14+ years of experience, Joshua has delivered results to professional MMA fighters, members of US Federal Law Enforcement agencies, Department of Defense, contractors assisting US State Department, trainers of Special Operations, and active-duty military. He is a Licensed Master Practicioner of Neurolinguistic Programming with the International Society of Neurolinguistic Programming, and a certified Hypnotherapist. Joshua joins us to discuss the following:

  • Joshua describes what motivated him to choose a career as a mindset coach focused on combat athletes
  • How can you utilize anxiety to improve your performance in the gym
  • What is the most common thing Joshua finds when taking on fighters as new clients
  • How does Joshua help fighters come back from a devastating loss and/or injury
  • How does Joshua help Sincere overcome the trauma of an incident involving Sincere spanking a guy several times on the ass
  • Joshua shares how he helps fighters who perform at a high level in training but drop the ball when it’s time for the big fight
  • Why is pressure a great training tool and what does Joshua say about working with the things that only you can control
  • What is the ideal scenario to help those who have a fear of public speaking
  • Joshua shares the story of the fighter he worked with who had to overcome a lifetime of abuse to him and his mother
  • Joshua helps break down the stereotypes of hypnotism and discusses if there are any truths to those stereotypes
  • What is Joshua’s view of float tanks
  • What is the one book Joshua recommends to everyone

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