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Episode 97: Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner on IronLife magazine and why you should subscribe now!

Jon Lipsey & Joe Warner ( left a couple of cush gigs at Men’s FItness Magazine UK, at the height of taking the magazine to its best publication years in history, only to start from square one with their own “digital-only” fitness publication. 

What would prompt these guys to make such a ballsy move, with no guarantees in an industry over-saturated with many well-known fitness magazines in print version, in order to make a name for themselves in a still relatively new world of digital-only magazine publications? 

Both Jon & Joe share how they plan to give the finger to the old way of publishing successful fitness magazines, and help pioneer the movement to take the fitness publishing industry forward and make their platform more accessible to the most popular technological mediums utilized today. 

Be sure to download and listen in, as we discuss these topics, as well as the following: 

  • Why did Jon & Joe leave Men’s Fitness UK & did it have anything to do with creating their own fitness publication
  • What separates IronLife Magazine from most major conventional fitness magazines
  • Where does your conventional fitness magazine fall short and why
  • What type of trainee does IronLife target and why it may be the perfect fit for LLA podcast listeners
  • What are the challenges of producing a digital fitness magazine based on a paid subscription model & why the guys chose to make IronLife a digital-only publication
  • Need sex advice or shaving tips from your fitness magazine? Well….
  • How do the guys deal with issues of piracy or free distribution of their magazine
  • Who are some of the high-level coaches involved in the production of IronLife magazine
  • Why the definition of “being transparent” is taking on double meaning in today’s fitness industry 
  • Why you won’t find cookie-cutter meal plans or training plans in IronLife Magazine & how you can download a free issue now

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