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Episode 91: Top trainer Marcus Martinez on strength training for pro fighters and the My Mad Methods split

Marcus Martinez ( is the owner and creator of Mbody Pro, the Mbody Gym in Brea, California, and co-creator and former partner of the popular unconventional training magazine, My Mad Methods. Currently, Marcus continues to expand his Mbody brand, via his Mbody gym, online membership site, fitness info products and equipment, while finding time to train pro MMA fighters, teach certifications around the world, and still effectively be a positive presence in the lives of his wife and 3 awesome kiddos.

The questions is, how in the heck does he do it? Listen in, as Marcus joins us to discuss the following:

  • Marcus shares what really led to his split from Mad Methods Magazine
  • What you need to know before deciding to start a business partnership
  • How Marcus utilized free content to build his business & the pros and cons of providing free content
  • Marcus weighs in on strength & conditioning for pro fighters & how most coaches get it wrong
  • What business “ah-ha moment” did Marcus discover while watching the show “Love Lines” 
  • Marcus shares why there is such a disconnect between the tons of easily accessible fitness info & the ever-growing obesity rate
  • What’s the real reason so many trainees hate on popular training programs that they’ve tried & didn’t find success
  • What’s the real story behind those lean and ripped fitness models and athletes & why it probably has nothing to do with you
  • Why cutting weight like a fighter is not a good idea…..even for fighters
  • What you can learn about improving grip strength from fighters and football players & why you should apply it to your training regimen, even if you are not training for a particular sport
  • Why all trainers and coaches don’t have to worry about an industry full of trainers and coaches
  • Why so many trainers are becoming the new face of hoarding
  • Revenue vs. Profit & which are you really focusing on
  • Why many new entrepreneurs should not worry about delegating most business responsibilities, despite what so-called marketing gurus tell you

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