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Episode 131: Tim Larkin returns to discuss the restoration benefits of cryosauna therapy and float chamber sensory deprivation

In part 1 of this 2 part show, personal protection expert, Tim Larkin, returns to discuss training recovery & his personal experience utilizing cryosauna therapy, the float chamber, why you should consider utilizing these recovery techniques, as well as the following: . 

  • Mike & Tim share why the cryosauna trumps ice baths
  • How does the cryosauna aid in fat loss
  • How does ice baths & cryosaunas aid in breath control and psychological training
  • Does cryosauna therapy cause shrinkage? 
  • How did Tony Robbins play a part in Tim’s discovery of the benefits of cryotherapy
  • Mike shares the benefits of receiving “drive-by” confidence
  • How does the theory of “Facing The Reality of You” pertain to both recovery methods as well as personal protection
  • How are the foundations of strength training and sound nutrition akin to sound personal protection

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