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Episode 21: The Voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer

We are joined this week by the official “Veteran Voice of the Octagon” announcer for UFC events, Bruce Buffer ( The author, martial artist, entrepreneur, world class poker player, radio show host, and all-around great guy joins Mike & Sincere this week to discuss:

Part One:

  • Who does Bruce thinks “really” won the Jones:Gustaffson match up
  • What is Bruce’s though on the greatest MMA fight of all time
  • His regimen used to prepare for rigorous travel, as well as his ring announcing & how he keeps his voice in tip-top shape
  • How he met his brother, famed boxing announcer Michael Buffer, managed his career, and together generated over $400 million dollars from 5 simple words
  • What Bruce learned from his father that helped him become so successful
  • What is the “B.S.C.” that Bruce bases his life on in order to become the best at anything he chooses and how you can apply the same principles to lead you down the road to success
  • How to deal with haters, as well as bounce back from missteps on your journey to success
  • What inspired Bruce to write his book, “It’s Time: My 360 Degree View Of The UFC”
  • How you can include Bruce in your wedding…yes, your wedding 

Part Two: Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • The problem with trying to “fix” people
  • What Sincere learned about passion, forgiveness, and not taking things personally from watching the new docu-series “Being: Mike Tyson” on Fox Sports 1.
  • How you can get more swag from the companies your love
  • How to possibly get an upgrade to first class via lessons learned from the book, “The Aladdin Factor”
  • A smarter way to approach affiliates to promote your products
  • Fleshlight, life-like sex dolls, and fulfilling a need in the marketplace?
  • How the 90s movie “Strange Days” is becoming reality
  • Why solely basing your arguments about bodybuilding success on steroid use is useless
  • We answer this week’s listener questions on training, including combining barbells and kettlebells, exercise burn out, weighted dips, and training for those over 40 years old


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