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Episode 191: Elite strength coach Christian Thibaudeau returns to discuss optimal training, pre-workout supplementation, and nutrition on the road

Top strength coach and popular T-nation contributor, Christian Thibaudeau returns to discuss the following:

  • Christian discusses how trainees are into the art of “seduction”
  • What are the top two mistakes for natural trainees
  • Christian shares specific issues of performing too much assistance work
  • Why does Christian choose the sumo deadlift & is it more beneficial than tradition deadlifts
  • How does Christian attain optional nutrition, in spite of extensive travel schedules
  • Is there any benefit to performing explosive movements/exercises before performing a max set exercise
  •  Why is high-rep Olympic lifts problematic & how does effect the most experienced high level Olympic lifters
  • Christian shares how to make a Crossfit experience beneficial
  • Christian shares his views on tabata workouts
  • Why is Christian anti-stimulants, including pre-workout supplements
  • What are Christians go-to supplements
  • Christian shares his stance and experience with low carb diets
  • What are the 3 most important things a diet should do
  • Christian shares his view of the Westside Method and why so many people get it wrong

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