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Episode 22: Daniel Coyle author of The Talent Code

Really enjoyed conversing with Daniel Coyle. Dan is very passionate about his work and you can’t help but leave more motivated and inspired after listening to him. Check out the interview we did with him on the latest LLA Podcast: 

Daniel Coyle ( is a New York Times best-selling author of the widely acclaimed book “The Talent Code,” “The Little Book of Talent,” “Lance Armstrong’s War,” and “Hardball.” In part 1 of ths week’s Live Life Aggressively podcast, Daniel joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

Part One:

  • Daniel explains the difference between genetic potential and deliberate practice, in terms of the keys to success ad getting good at any skill
  • The power of “struggling” and how it helps you to find your sweet spot for learning
  • The effects of failing in terms of brain growth
  • Why coaching is so important to attaining mastery of a skill
  • What it takes and what is needed in order to be a master coach
  • How environment shapes our work ethic
  • How the 10,000 hours for mastery of a skill is often misinterpreted
  • What part of the brain is very important to accelerate learning any type of skill and what you can do to enhance this part to the brain
  • Why “Someone is great, because they were simply born that way” is the greatest story ever told
  • Daniel’s personal experience with Lance Armstrong, doping, winning at all costs, and the future of competition and leveling the playing field

Part Two: Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • Listener feedback of our previous conversation with Bruce Buffer and the power of confidence
  • Mike’s tips on brain health optimization and different strategies you can use to enhance those components
  • Why women are way smarter than men no matter what men think & what Napoleon Hill had to say about that
  • Why sex drive is very important for male health (and why it’s not just being physical)
  • Why getting estrogen levels to there lowest is not the way to go, in terms of male hormone health
  • What you should do before supplementing with DIM, which can improve the ratio between good and bad estrogen and why DIM is also important in terms of breast cancer and prostate cancer
  • Why propecia may give you more hair but destroy your sex drive
  • Mike & Sincere answer listener training questions including kettlebell and barbell pressing carryover
  • Upcoming workshops, podcast guests, and UFC matchups

Links/products mentioned in the show:

1. Myomin – and (estrogen blocker)

2. Dercos – (hair loss protection)

You can have the opportunity to grab a free audio version of Daniel’s book, as well as other books mentioned on this and previous shows at


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