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Episode 190: The benefits of the Mike Gillette training system and why you should be using it

Popular guest, Mike Gillette, returns this week to discuss the following:

  • Mike returns to discuss his training system and how one of his previous info products led him to seriously reevaluate his training philosophy
  • Mike describes the basis of his 4 dimensional strength training program
  • What is positional strength and why is it important
  • Due to joint issues, how does Mike replace Olympic lifts in order to address velocity exercises
  • Why does Mike favor the sandbag for overhead pressing
  • What led Mike to training with rings, before their popularity via Crossfit
  • Mike shares how he got into feats of strength training, as well as how he connected with Dennis Rogers
  • How does Mike mesh the skills necessary to help athletes perform at high levels transcend to everyday citizens working in high risk work situations
  • How does competition in MMA, or simply going to the gym, compare to the recent presidential debates

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