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Episode 109: Mick Benzo co-host of the Ice T Final Level Podcast on the music business and why Ice T is so successful

Mick Benzo is the co-host of Ice T’s Final Level Podcast, as well as the CEO of PayUp Management. The longtime entertainment industry vets joins Mike & Sincere to discuss the following:

  • Mick shares how he got started in the music business, his family ties to the legendary hip hop pioneers Grandmaster Flash, and how he eventually connected with Ice T
  • How has the scope of marketing changed in the music industry & what can other industries learn from it
  • What is the real story behind Ice T, Warner Brothers, and the “Cop Killer” controversy
  • What is Mick’s response to the state of the entertainment industry & what he would like to see from today’s artist? 
  • How can parents & adults from one generation utilize the music of today as a common ground to connect with the current younger generation, despite perceived musical preferences
  • Why is it a must to bring back or enhance music programs in schools, and how can it help improve the education and social system in the U.S.
  • Mick shares how he and Ice T came up with the idea for the Final Level podcast & why network TV & radio should worry about shows such as The Final Level & the Live Life Aggressively podcasts
  • How did Mick transition from terrestrial radio, to owning a music distribution company, managing artists, to finding his way to co-hosting the Final Level podcast w/ Ice T
  • Why concepts such as American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent are flawed systems in terms of discovering & promoting real artists
  • Mick shares how he, his wife, Ice T, and fellow hip hop legend Chubb Rock created the Male Awareness Foundation & why the creation of the organization is a necessary resource for men’s health 

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