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Live Life Aggressively: What Self-Help Gurus Should Be Telling You

My new book Live Life Aggressively! What Self-help Gurus Should Be Telling You is finally out. It is available here on my website in paperback and ebook format and also available in paperback and kindle from

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The Live Life Aggressively Podcast

Fitness experts Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan discuss all things health and fitness. Make sure to subscribe to the show on itunes and listen weekly for brutal realism and unconventional motivation.

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The Live Life Aggressively Podcast

November 18, 2014
Mike Mahler on the Jimmy Smith Podcast discussing boosting testosterone and taking charge of your life

November 17, 2014
Episode 107: Rising strength coach Jase Nibourg on crushing obstacles and building the life you want

November 10, 2014
Episode 106: Kettlebell and fitness expert Shaun McMaster on training and helping homeless animals in Spain

November 3, 2014
Episode 105: Steven Kotler author of The Rise of Superman on achieving flow and peak performance

October 24, 2014
Episode 104: Melya Kaplan on helping homeless animals and the connection between compassion and IQ

October 16, 2014
Episode 103: Physiotherapist Christopher Lendrum on injury rehab as well as advice on training around injuries

October 9, 2014
Episode 102: Madball Frontman Freddy Cricien on the all things NYC Hardcore

October 2, 2014
Episode 101: Top Strength Coach Vince McConnell on optimal training over 50

September 25, 2014
Episode 100: Fear based motivation, anchors for optimal performance, effective social media marketing

September 18, 2014
Episode 99: Claudia Altucher best selling co-author of The Power of No on taking charge of your life

September 11, 2014
Episode 98: Dr. William Wong on the benefits of coffee and adrenal fatigue advice

September 4, 2014
Episode 97: Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner on IronLife magazine and why you should subscribe now!

August 28, 2014
Episode 96: Flexibility and mobility expert Tom Furman on pain-free aging

August 25, 2014
Lose fat, increase sex drive, and improve training performance by optimizing hormones naturally! Interview with Mike Mahler

August 23, 2014
Episode 95: Kettlebell and bodyweight training maverick Rannoch Donald on move the body, still the mind

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