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Live Life Aggressively: What Self-Help Gurus Should Be Telling You

My new book Live Life Aggressively! What Self-help Gurus Should Be Telling You is finally out. It is available here on my website in paperback and ebook format and also available in paperback and kindle from

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The Live Life Aggressively Podcast

Fitness experts Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan discuss all things health and fitness. Make sure to subscribe to the show on itunes and listen weekly for brutal realism and unconventional motivation.

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Upcoming 2015 Workshops

April 11, 2015
Vienna, Austria Mike Mahler Aggressive Strength Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop

April 12, 2015
Vienna, Austria Mike Mahler Aggressive Strength Intermediate Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training, Program Design, Hormone Optimization

April 18, 2015
Scotland: The Aggressive Strength System: Kettlebells, Bodyweight Training, Program Design, and Hormone Optimization

The Live Life Aggressively Podcast

January 27, 2015
Episode 117: Our favorite 2014 Episodes and funny stories that will have you laughing all day

January 19, 2015
Episode 116: Former MMA Fighter Mac Danzig on behind the scenes with the UFC and his plant based diet

January 12, 2015
Episode 115: World renown strength coach Ian King on fat loss mistakes, Crossfit fence walkers, and optimal program design

January 5, 2015
Episode 114: Ori Hofmekler author of The Warrior Diet, Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat, and The Anti-Estrogenic Diet

December 30, 2014
Episode 113: Jen Feuerstein director of Save The Chimps on all the great work they do

December 27, 2014
Super Strength Show episode with Mike Mahler on how to live life aggressively and skyrocket your success in and out of the gym

December 22, 2014
Episode 112: Dr. Mark Gordon on brain traumatic injuries and hormone optimization part 2

December 15, 2014
Episode 111: Dr. Mark Gordon on brain traumatic injuries and hormone optimization part 1

December 8, 2014
Episode 110: Dave Weck creator of the Bosu discusses balance training, RMT clubs, and creating a successful business

December 1, 2014
Mike Mahler on the Menprovement show discussing optimizing hormones, boosting testosterone, and more

December 1, 2014
Episode 109: Mick Benzo co-host of the Ice T Final Level Podcast on the music business and why Ice T is so successful

November 24, 2014
Episode 108: Jackass and Wildboyz star Chris Pointius on his unique path to fame and why he loves kettlebell training

November 18, 2014
Mike Mahler on the Jimmy Smith Podcast discussing boosting testosterone and taking charge of your life

November 17, 2014
Episode 107: Rising strength coach Jase Nibourg on crushing obstacles and building the life you want

November 10, 2014
Episode 106: Kettlebell and fitness expert Shaun McMaster on training and helping homeless animals in Spain

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