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Live Life Aggressively: What Self-Help Gurus Should Be Telling You

My new book Live Life Aggressively! What Self-help Gurus Should Be Telling You is finally out. It is available here on my website in paperback and ebook format and also available in paperback and kindle from

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The Live Life Aggressively Podcast

Fitness experts Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan discuss all things health and fitness. Make sure to subscribe to the show on itunes and listen weekly for brutal realism and unconventional motivation.

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The Live Life Aggressively Podcast

May 18, 2015
Episode 130: Elite Strength Coach Vince McConnell on fitness industry pet peeves, strength vs size training, optimal hypertrophy programming

May 11, 2015
Episode 129: Strength Coach Scott Shetler on the benefits of German Volume Training and his new book Eat Plants Lift Iron with Stic of Dead Prez

April 28, 2015
Episode 128: Steve Maxwell on the benefits of isometric and negative training

April 23, 2015
Episode 127: Christina Danos on the importance of Kettlebells 4 Autism for raising awareness

April 15, 2015
Episode 126: Jimmy Smith On Crossfit pros and cons, Bulletproof coffee, and UFC drug testing

April 6, 2015
Episode 125: Steve Maxwell returns to discuss HIT training, Heavy Duty training, and the Super Slow method

March 31, 2015
Episode 124: MMA legend Bas Rutten returns to talk about the 02 trainer, PEDs in MMA, and Cyborg vs Rousey

March 16, 2015
Episode 123: Beyond Training author Ben Greenfield on float tanks, adrenal fatigue, and breathing techniques for improved performance

March 2, 2015
Mike Mahler on the Fitness Burn Podcast discussing hormone optimization, optimal training, and nutrition

March 2, 2015
Cro-mags lead singer John Joseph returns to discuss his latest book and upcoming projects

February 26, 2015
Mike Mahler on the Ben Coomber podcast discussing hormone optimization and kettlebell training

February 24, 2015
Episode 121: The Pros and cons of the Coan/Philippi deadlift program and how to personalize it

February 16, 2015
Episode 120: Biohazard frontman Billy Graziadei on the Gracie diet, racism, and music industry

February 16, 2015
Mike Mahler on the Six Figure Fit Pro Podcast on how to set yourself apart from the competition

February 9, 2015
Episode 119: Celebrity fitness trainer John Pierre on what it really takes to help people lose fat and get healthy

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