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Live Life Aggressively: What Self-Help Gurus Should Be Telling You

My new book Live Life Aggressively! What Self-help Gurus Should Be Telling You is finally out. It is available here on my website in paperback and ebook format and also available in paperback and kindle from

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The Live Life Aggressively Podcast

Fitness experts Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan discuss all things health and fitness. Make sure to subscribe to the show on itunes and listen weekly for brutal realism and unconventional motivation.

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The Live Life Aggressively Podcast

April 18, 2014
Episode 71: Dr. Carlon Colker on the benefits of dietary fats for fuel

April 14, 2014
Episode 70: Top trainer Ted Ryce on the murder of his brother and his thoughts on the death penalty

April 11, 2014
Episode 69: Anthony Roberts on the not so secret relationship between crossfit and networking marketing

April 8, 2014
Episode 68: Kettlebell Training experts Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn on the LLA Vegas Summit

April 3, 2014
Episode 67: MMA legend Bas Rutten on all things fighting and the benefits of the 02 trainer

March 31, 2014
Episode 66: Anti-aging and hormone optimization expert Nick Delgado, PH.D

March 27, 2014
Episode 65: Strength coach Chris Reed on the kettlebell blackbelt training system

March 25, 2014
Alpha Fitness Episode 2: Mike Mahler on optimizing hormones to feel great

March 24, 2014
Episode 64: Elite strength coach Sabina Skala on MMA strength training

March 21, 2014
Episode 63: Dr. Kwame Brown on Neuroscience and active play

March 18, 2014
Episode 62: Spartacus TV Series Trainer Tyrone Bell On What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes

March 17, 2014
Episode 61: Censorship, double kettlebell swing technique, kettlebells for size and strength

March 16, 2014
Mike Mahler on the BGMT Podcast discussing vegan diet, hormone optimization, and kettlebell training

March 14, 2014
Alpha Fitness Episode: Mike Mahler: Man Up: Balance Your Hormone Levels for Sex, Health and Confidence

March 13, 2014
Episode 60: The A.S.S man himself! Top strength coach Jay Ashman on real strength training

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