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Episode 216: Dr. Mark Gordon on DHT cream, estrogen, gut health, TRT, and the keto diet

Ep.#216: Dr. Mark Gordon returns to discuss the following:

  • Why is estrogen is so misunderstood
  • When supplementing with testosterone (i.e. TRT), what hormone is needed even more, but is often ignored
  • What is Dr. Gordon’s opinion of DHT cream, in terms of increasing sex drive in men
  • Why taking a liver panel or cortisol test can be a bit murky
  • Dr. Gordon shares his thoughts on the effects of a ketogenic diet and if there are true hormonal benefits
  • What is the effect of gut health on mood and cognitive health
  • Why you should consider testing Enox2 in your next hormone panel test
  • Why is Dr. Gordon more focused on treating people and not numbers
  • Why and how is cholesterol misunderstood
  • What 9 things does Dr. Gordon look for, regarding growth hormone, before deciding to address GH
  • Dr. Gordon discusses the myths of the connection between growth hormone, testosterone, and exercise
  • What is the relationship between surgery and depression, and what can we learn from this regarding the actor Robin Williams
  • Why the “22 A Day” stat for veterans who commit suicide is incorrect, as well as, why most veteran suicides are happening in Montana 

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