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Episode 19: Shawn Phillips author of Strength For Life

Fitness industry pioneer, visionary, author, and lifestyle transformation expert Shawn Phillips ( joins us for Episode 19 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, which is now available for download

Part One: Shawn joins us this week to discuss:

Shawn discusses the early days of co-creating Muscle Media Magazine and supplement giant EAS, and how the unconventional vision paved the way for many of today’s fitness industry staples
How Body For Life became the blueprint for the body transformation programs that are so popular in the fitness industry
Shawn shares the tools he utilized to help Body For Life continue to live a successful healthy lifestyle, beyond the 12 week transformation contest
The advantages of being a maverick in your business industry and in life, and why going against the grain is a good thing
The misconstrued views of failure and how what most view as failure is all wrong
Advice for those seeking fitness over 40
Why is Mike talking about St. Ides malt liquor?
Shawn explains the yoU + US+USA theory 
Shawn shares how his book, Strength For Life is more than just another health and fitness book

Part Two: Mike & Sincere discuss:

Why did Sincere’s landscapers do to get him so fired up
The misconception of home ownership
Why most HOAs are a joke(home owners association) 
Mike and Sincere’s upcoming guests, events, products, and programs


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