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If Bulbine Natalensis is so effective, how come it’s not in more products? 

First, you’re being presumptuous in assuming the vast majority of supplement companies care about designing effective products. The reality is the preponderance of supplement companies care foremost about maximum profit and tend to put 90% of funds into marketing and only 10% if even that into product development. Whether a product works or not is immaterial to many supplement companies. If it’s inexpensive to produce and actually works, great. However, if it’s economical to produce and doesn’t work, but can be marketed effectively to take advantage of the ignorant it will almost always get green-lighted.

My philosophy is the opposite of most supplement companies. I don’t spray the money hose on marketing and instead prioritize efficacious product development. From my vantage point, the best marketing is designing a product that actually works. This will lead to repeat business and referrals which is the lifeblood of any company that desires longevity. My Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster (ASTB) has been on the market for over ten years and continues to sell extremely well primarily due to repeat business and referrals.  If ASTB didn’t work for most users then there wouldn’t be any repeat business and there certainly wouldn’t be any referrals. Combine high-quality products with delivering tons of free useful content and you have a winning combination. Establish trust with great content, further develop trust with effective products, make sure customer service is on point, and you have a triumphant approach for business longevity. 

Back to Bulbine. The main reason Bulbine Natalensis is not in more products is it’s much more expensive than ineffective yet well-known herbs for boosting testosterone such as Tribulus, fenugreek, and horny goat weed. Moreover, it only grows in South Africa and only during certain times of the year. Big supplement companies won’t bother with it, because they won’t be able to keep up with customer demand if it is a strong seller. 

Instead of designing well-thought-out effective products, a common practice many supplement companies utilize is the “kitchen sink” approach. This is where you stack as many ingredients as possible into a supplement so you have more to convey in the marketing. For example, one supplement company has a testosterone booster with zinc, boron, vitamin D, magnesium, Tribulus, fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, maca, DIM, and several more ingredients. This creates the illusion the product is comprehensive but in reality, the main motivation to include all of these ingredients is to provide the mirage of more value and effectiveness. With herbs in particular it is difficult to get more than four ingredients into a product and have effective dosages of each ingredient. This is why proprietary blends are often used so the company doesn’t have to reveal the actual dosage of each ingredient but can still have it on the label.  

I see ineffective natural testosterone boosters being marketed on Instagram on a daily basis. I always click on the ad to see what the product contains and maybe out of dozens of products I have seen marketed two had decent ingredients and none were even close to being as well designed as ASTB! Not one! The testimonials for these junk products are always generic such as “I feel great on this!”, “I noticed a big difference in the gym and bedroom,” “My girlfriend and I are very happy!” Contrast this with ASTB which has dozens of testimonials where consumers detail improvements in blood work, training results, and physique composition. These testimonials are powerful the most important result with a testosterone booster is of course actually improving testosterone levels. 

Several supplement companies take advantage of the fact that many are desperate for solutions. If you have poor motivation, no sex drive, and have had a poor sexual function for years, you want to believe whatever product is placed in front of you will work and figure you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. However, consumers are not as dumb as many supplement companies like to believe. They may be able to fool you into purchasing a product one time. I have certainly purchased my fair share of garbage products since the 1990s. However, are you really going to keep buying it if you fail to derive any benefits? You certainly aren’t going to recommend it to friends and family. Without repeat business and referrals, a product will fail to have longevity and will eventually go extinct. It is simply a matter of time. 

The bottom line is we have all been ripped off in a variety of contexts and suffice to say it’s not a fun feeling. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel this way about anything they have purchased from my company. My products are well-designed and effective for most. Nothing works for everyone so when a product doesn’t live up to the expectations of the customer, I have a hassle-free refund policy. You don’t have to call some customer service line and explain to some young lady that taking ASTB did not address your ED and eradicate your gyno. 

I didn’t get into the fitness business in 2002 to make money. Sure, I want to have a great income like everyone does but the gratification that comes with doing something I am passionate about and helping others is paramount and will always guide each move I make. I don’t think making a great income and helping others have to be conflicting goals. Personally, I think the more you do of the latter the more the former will take care of itself. 


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