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Episode 48: Q&A Hard Training And Free Testosterone, The Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

Episode #48: Mike & Sincere answer your questions sent via email, twitter, and sent via the LLA podcast Facebook fanpage. Plus, Mike & Sincere also discuss:

  • The benefits of making yourself scarce in term of your online presence for your business
  • What situation has Mike and Sincere taking the position to no longer listen to other fitness related podcasts
  • What are “guest whores” & why are they likened to marijuana
  • How does hard training affect your free testosterone & what you should do about it
  • Why Nitric Oxide supplements are probably a waste of your time and money and what better supplement & food-based alternatives
  • What you may need to consider before taking Viagra or Cialis for erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual focus, Spartacus-themed sex parties, and sexual performance shaming
  • Mike shares his alternatives to the barbell squat & the benefits of using smaller plates to improve a specific big lift
  • What weekend olympic lifting, powerlifting, or kettlebell seminars are good for and NOT good for, & who benefits the most from them
  • What are Sincere’s favorite high quality coffee sources, and where can you purchase their beans
  • Are there any growth hormone increasing supplements that are worth the time and money
  • Mike and Sincere share what are the sources of their current various income streams for their business
  • When and why your clients & customers should feel like they’re stealing from you

All this and much more. Download, listen, and share this episode 


Links & Resources:

1. Citrulline Malate:
2. Cuvee Coffee –
3. Intelligentsia Coffee –
4. Third Roast Coffee –
5. Arginine Pyroglutamate:
6. Inositol : (get a $10 off coupon code on purchase of $30 or more)


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