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Episode 111: Dr. Mark Gordon on brain traumatic injuries and hormone optimization part 1

Dr. Mark Gordon has researched the risks and benefits of clinical hormonal reconstitution for over 15 years. Treating over 10000 patients, Dr. Gordon is a pioneer in hormone testing and replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury & has now treated scores of brain-injured patients, balancing their deficient hormones and achieving remarkable recovery, even in patients who are years out from their original injury.

Dr. Gordon also shares the following in part 1 of our 2 part discussion:

  • How did Dr. Gordon make the connection between hormone deficiency and traumatic brain injuries
  • Dr. Mark discusses the difference between PTSD and TBI & why it’s imperative to take a truthful look at both, in order to properly diagnose the two
  • Why hormones are not just important in terms of reproduction and why reproduction is not the main function of hormones
  • Why is Dr. Gordon not a fan of topical hormone treatment
  • Why are lower dosages of testosterone more optimal for men ages 30-50
  • What are the warnings for those taking more than 100mg of testosterone a day, in terms of liver health
  • Why is there a need for estrogen balance for men
  • Dr. Gordon explains how improved sleep and diet improves the blood-brain barrier

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