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Train with optimal testosterone levels to maximize progress

While many still propagate the myth of workouts that increase testosterone and growth hormone, the reality is whatever increase you derive in anabolic hormones from training is short-lived. An increase in testosterone for example for thirty minutes to an hour after training is not long enough to have a profound impact on low testosterone levels. Meaning, that you’re not going to go from low testosterone levels to ideal levels just from productive training sessions. However, an increase in testosterone post-training is a sign of a fruitful workout so it’s definitely not worthless. To support training goals and overall health, I prefer to keep my training sessions to under an hour and focus on doing a few compound moves well rather than majoring in a lot of minor things that don’t have a tremendous favorable impact. It’s always advantageous to leave a training session with an increase in anabolic hormones rather than catabolic hormones such as cortisol. Yet the real benefit is entering a training session with optimal anabolic hormones to attain the best performance consistently. if you go into most of your training sessions with ideal anabolic hormone levels you are going to have superior performances and over time this adds up and stacks the deck in your favor considerably towards achieving your training goals. Consistently experiencing productive training sessions with outstanding performances is intrinsically motivating and steady motivation over an extended duration is crucial to realizing meaningful training goals.

Keeping intense training sessions to an hour or less is also important to prevent testosterone levels from diminishing and cortisol from increasing. Testosterone can definitely diminish during an intense training cycle especially if you’re dieting. Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman in his prime once measured testosterone levels during a training camp and his total testosterone was at a depleted 300 ng/dl and this is a young professional athlete! Of course, most people aren’t training anywhere near as intensely as a professional athlete is but even with superior genetics, many professional athletes still have depleted hormone levels during an intense training camp. It’s not uncommon for professional athletes to use Viagra or Cialis as their sex drive and function become abysmal due to the mental and physical stressors involved with being a professional athlete. Nothing kills a man’s sex drive and functions faster than high levels of stress!  Prioritize ensuring sleep is on point, avoid overdoing it with training, and integrate stress management practices into your daily routines such as meditation and long walks in nature to keep stress in check.

While you may not be training as intensely as a professional athlete, life can be stressful and stress is definitely going to have a negative impact on your ability to achieve your training goals. This is why it is incredibly useful to use ASTB during an intense training regimen and it is a must if you’re dealing with life stresses which let’s be honest pretty much everyone is. Add my systemic enzyme product Restorezyme to lower excess inflammation and subsequently the need for an acute cortisol response and you have a potent combination.  ASTB will help provide a boost in testosterone levels and a boost may mean either increasing your own production of testosterone so it is higher than normal or providing a boost that keeps your levels stable. For example, instead of your total testosterone going from 600 ng/dl to 400 ng/dl the augmentation of your own production will help keep it at 600 ng/dl which will have profound benefits for training progress, mood, and motivation. Restorezyme will help reduce excess inflammation and induce healing so you experience superior recovery from training and fewer aches and pains. Finally, an additional benefit of ASTB is it contains Mucuna Pruriens which not only increases testosterone it increases the motivation neurotransmitter dopamine. I take 1-2 caps of ASTB an hour before training sessions to enjoy a boost in dopamine which provides a boost in focus and motivation without the jitters that taking caffeine often causes before training.  1-2 caps of ASTB an hour before training for a boost and five caps of Restorezyme immediately after training is a winning combo to maximize training progress. Don’t let another year slip away from you. Try this powerful combo for the next 12 weeks and enjoy the results. 

Start focusing on entering each training session with optimal testosterone levels rather than using training erroneously to increase testosterone levels and you will be ecstatic with not only the progress you make but how you feel overall. When your testosterone levels as well as other important hormones are on point, you’re innately more motivated to take on challenges and blast through arduous activities. Blasting through difficult activities in turn reinforces confidence and motivation to ensure you stay on track. Train with optimal testosterone levels to maximize progress!


Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone and How to Optimize Levels

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