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Twist25 DHEA Cream USA orders only


The best DHEA delivery option to support adrenal health, mood, stress management, and free testosterone levels.*

1 unit at two applications per day is a one-month supply

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DHEA is the most important hormone for stress management and keeping excess cortisol in check!*

Attention! USA orders only! No orders to Canada or anywhere outside the USA will be processed 


Increase DHEA levels to improve the DHEA-to-cortisol ratio as well as the testosterone-to-cortisol ratio.* Two important indicators of being anabolic to get the most out of training and life*


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is an adrenal hormone and the ultimate stress management hormone. It supports a healthy immune system, adrenal health, and insulin sensitivity, mitigates metabolic syndrome, improves bone health, and keeps excess stress hormones (cortisol) in check. Cortisol lowering effects of DHEA

DHEA and cortisol have an inverse relationship. When your cortisol levels are high DHEA levels are low. You may go through a period where you have high levels of both but eventually, you will crash and have depleted DHEA production and excess cortisol levels. To make matters worse the excess cortisol level can be heightened at night which in turn impedes sleep quality. You end up waking up tired, being tired all day, and then getting a burst of cortisol at night so you’re wired and can’t fall asleep. Many people in this situation will over-consume caffeine throughout the day which makes matters worse as caffeine increases cortisol.

According to elite strength coach Charles Poliquin, an optimal DHEA level is an important measurement of being anabolic LLA episode with Charles on DHEA. DHEA is testosterone’s big brother and protects it from the ravages of excess cortisol. When DHEA levels are optimal you’re more likely to have ideal levels of testosterone. When DHEA levels are low, excess cortisol will cause testosterone levels to plummet. This is why my Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster includes Sensoril® Ashwagandha which has been shown to increase DHEA and lower cortisol. As a result, it supports testosterone production and is an integral component in the overall formula. In a human clinical trial, serum cortisol levels decreased by 24.2% while serum DHEA levels increased by 32.2% in subjects taking Sensoril®.

In the 1990s DHEA supplementation was marketed heavily as an over-the-counter potent testosterone booster and some companies even claimed taking supplemental DHEA was just as effective as exercise for losing weight. Of course, DHEA supplementation did not live up to such claims, and DHEA was added to the heap of supplements that failed to live up to the hype. As a result, many failed to fully understand the importance of having optimal DHEA levels.

Increasing DHEA naturally or taking supplemental DHEA should be utilized for increasing DHEA levels alone not for what it may or may not do for testosterone levels. DHEA is a few metabolic steps away from testosterone and thus DHEA supplements are not the ideal option for increasing testosterone in men. Especially overweight men where any conversion is more likely to result in an increase in estrogen levels (estradiol and estrone) rather than testosterone. Why an estrogen blocker such EC is a must when taking DHEA supplementation.  Interestingly, DHEA supplementation can increase testosterone levels greatly among female users as the adrenals are the main source of testosterone production for women. Therefore, it may be a viable option for women with low testosterone levels but be careful as too high a dosage may result in unwanted side effects such as acne and facial hair.

Let’s emphasize what the benefits are of optimal DHEA levels. According to an article in Life Extension Magazine, clinical studies show the following benefits with dosages in the 15mg to 50mg range. 

The benefits of optimal DHEA levels include 

  • Decreases in visceral (belly) fat*
  • Decreases in subcutaneous (under the skin) fat*
  • Increases insulin sensitivity up to 30%*
  • Increases in protective HDL levels of nearly 12%*
  • Decreases in dangerous LDL cholesterol of up to 11%*
  • A decrease of almost 20% in triglycerides*
  • Increases in levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), a molecule that is vital to controlling blood sugar and other metabolic parameters*
  • Dramatic improvement in physical and psychological well-being by 67% in men and 84% in women*
  • Beneficial increases in estrogen levels, even without specific hormone replacement therapy for menopause; those changes may further help to protect postmenopausal women from the elevated cardiovascular disease risks of menopause.*
  • Optimal levels improve mood, stress management abilities, sex drive, energy, memory, and bone health*
  • Over a lifetime you will release more DHEA than any other hormone. It has a high concentration in the blood 20x higher than any other hormone.*
  • DHEA helps with healthy cortisol production as both pregnenolone and DHEA can be converted into cortisol.
  • DHEA protects testosterone from the negative impact of high cortisol levels.*
  • When cortisol levels are elevated, DHEA becomes depleted and is not able to protect testosterone levels.*
  • DHEA can convert into other derivatives that are way more potent such as androstenediol which stimulates immunity one hundred times more than DHEA.*
  • Also can convert into androstentriol which is 300 times more potent than DHEA.*
  • DHEA supplementation taken at night can result in a 20% increase in growth hormone.*
  • Men with the lowest levels of DHEA were 67% more likely to die from a heart attack and 54% more likely to die from any cause.*
  • Studies show, for example, that people with higher DHEA levels have less mental confusion, lower anxiety, and a less negative mood*.
  • Other studies have found that DHEA levels (in its circulating, sulfated form, DHEA-S) correlate with overall cognitive function in men and women, and with better working memory, attention, and verbal fluency found in women with the highest levels.*
  • Low DHEA levels are associated with multiple brain-related disorders, including stress-induced clinical burnout, bipolar disorder, major depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue syndrome.*
  • The Taipei Physical Education College discovered that supplementation with 50 mg DHEA makes the hormonal response to interval training better.*
  • In a human study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology 50mg taken twice per day lowered levels of creatine kinase significantly which is an indicator of muscle damage.*
  • Participants taking DHEA in the study also reported a reduction in muscle soreness and pain.*
  • Another study suggests that a sign of optimal health is the large production of anabolic hormones such as IGF-1, DHEA, and testosterone*
  • A study with DHEA cream supplementation on the face was shown to prevent an increase in wrinkles around the eyes. In a four-month study wrinkle around the eyes increased in the control group but not in the group taking DHEA cream. The total increase in wrinkles around the eyes increased by 25% in the control group but not in the DHEA cream group.*

 Signs of low DHEA

  • The face will look strained
  • Dry eyes, dry hair, and dry skin
  • Poor hair growth in armpits, pubic area
  • Excess stomach fat
  • Cellulite on the thighs
  • Feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and gloom
  • In women, you will have a very low sex drive
  • Low energy levels

Optimal Ranges of DHEA 

  • According to Life Extension Magazine:  For women, an ideal DHEA-S level is 275 to 400 mg/dL, and in men, 350 to 500 mg/dL.
  • According to Dr. Mark Gordon, the foremost expert on hormone optimization, keeping levels at 500 mg/l is ideal for both men and women. He states further that there aren’t any serious side effects from too much DHEA.*


What is Twist 25?

Twist 25 cream is the highest quality DHEA cream possible, made with select pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in a carefully engineered cream base. The present formulation of Twist 25 is the result of years of testing and refinement.

What is DHEA?

DHEA is a pro-hormone – a natural building block for hormones our bodies make. After age 25 we make about 2% less DHEA per year. Use Twist 25 to maintain youthful DHEA levels after age 35.

What makes Twist 25 better than other DHEA products?

The cream is the secret! Medical research shows that most DHEA metabolism occurs in the skin.* Twist 25 is a bioidentical DHEA cream that is absorbed into the skin. “Bioidentical” means that the DHEA in Twist 25 is the same molecular structure as is produced in humans.

Why is cream better?

DHEA as cream is far more effective than oral DHEA because most DHEA is metabolized by the body in the skin. When taken as a pill, DHEA is destroyed by the “first-pass effect” of the liver. The liver filters out most DHEA before it can do any good; what does get into the bloodstream is DHEA-S (DHEA sulfate).

Where does the DHEA for Twist 25 come from?

The DHEA in Twist 25 is produced from natural plant sources. Every batch of cream is tested by third-party laboratories to ensure proper mix and strength. Paraben-free. No soy. No cyclodextrins.

How is it used?

Apply 1-2 pump presses morning and evening every day. Rub in completely on thin hairless skin such as between the inner arm and abdomen, face, neck, or inner thighs. Each full pump press contains 25 mg of bioidentical DHEA.

The dispenser is not working. I have tried pumping it dozens of times to no avail

The cream needs to be at room temperature.  The pump actuator just needs to be primed.  Simply put the cap on the bottle and give it a firm thump upside down on a tabletop or countertop.  Then fully depress the bottle pump head. The pump valve needs to be primed.
Once it starts working it should keep working, but it’s always a good idea to wack it upside down before use to keep the cream firmly against the actuator valve.
if you still have issues call Health2Go at 888-489-4782  and ask to speak to Hugh.

How long does one bottle last? 

For most users one month using one pump 2x per day.

When will I notice a difference?

Many subtle benefits are easy to feel within a few weeks.

Can Twist 25 be used with your other supplements? 

Yes, it can be used with any of my products. In particular, it stacks well with ASTB as increased DHEA levels support increased total and free testosterone levels for a greater sex drive, mood, and stress management. DHEA can convert to estrogen so taking 1-2 caps of EC while you use DHEA is a good idea to avoid excessive conversion to estrogen. Especially if you carry excess body fat in the stomach and lower body.*

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? 

Not for Twist 25 DHEA purchases. This product is not part of the Aggressive strength line and as a result, does not come with the 30-day money-back guarantee. Don’t bother taking this product if you have not determined that you have low DHEA levels and could benefit from supplementation. I am carrying this product because I have recommended it to my customers for years and want to make it more convenient for them to purchase along with my other products.

How long does it take for delivery? 

All orders placed on Sunday to Thursday are shipped within twenty-four hours. USA orders are shipped by USPS priority mail and delivered on an average of five business days. Orders to Canada are delivered within 7-10 days on average. Orders sent to Europe and Australia generally take two weeks and orders sent to Asia take 3-4 weeks. Delays can result from customs taking longer to clear orders.

Does your company support any causes or charities?

Yes, I am a strong financial supporter of many charities including Project Child Save to help save kids from human trafficking, The Warrior Angels Foundation to help soldiers with PTSD due to traumatic brain injuries; Voice For The Animals,  to help homeless animals, and animal rights legislation, and No Dogs Left Behind to help rescue animals from the horrific dog meat trade. When you support my company you indirectly support all of these fantastic organizations and many others.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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