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Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster & Estrogen Control Combo


The ideal combo to boost testosterone and reduce conversion to estrogen!*

1 Unit of Each = 90 capsules, a 4-6 week supply of each

  • $105.95 for 1 unit 
  • $195.95 for 2 units 
  • $255.95 for 3 units 
  • $395.95 for 5 units – Best Deal (No Canada orders for this option) 

Demand is at an all-time high!

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Take advantage of the immense power of the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster & Estrogen Control Combo!*

  • ASTB contains potent extracts of Bulbine Natalensis, Mucuna Pruriens, and Stinging nettle root to not only increase overall testosterone production but also make testosterone more bioavailable. Look forward to an increase in strength, size, libido, and a decrease in body fat. ASTB is also quite the mood booster!*

  • EC contains potent extracts of Curcumin, Prunella Vulgaris, and Brassaiopsis Glomerulata to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen as well as block estrogen uptake. If you store excess fat in the pecs, stomach, legs, and glutes you definitely need to get on EC. In addition to supporting fat loss, EC lowers inflammation and improves kidney and heart health.*

How is the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster different from EC-estrogen control?

Aggressive Strength is a potent testosterone booster with moderate estrogen control while EC is a potent estrogen control supplement which in turn will have a moderate effect on increasing testosterone in men.* In addition, women can take EC to address estrogen dominance while Aggressive Strength is only for men. EC-Powerful estrogen control for men and women

Can I take the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster with EC?

Yes, you can and should if you have high estrogen levels. If you’re overweight you can rest assured that your estrogen levels are likely very high. High estrogen levels impede fat loss so reducing estrogen will help accelerate fat loss. Otherwise, you can use EC in between cycles of Aggressive Strength or use a lower dosage of EC with Aggressive Strength cycles such as 1-2 caps per day.

What is the best way to use the combo? 

Regarding the test booster. If you are under 180lbs, I recommend you start off with 1 cap 2x per day such as morning and afternoon. If over 180lbs, start with 3 caps per day (two caps in the morning and 1 in the late afternoon) If over 220lbs, take 2 caps 2x per day. More is not better. Give the product a few weeks to kick in. Works best when taken on an empty stomach (an hour before or after meals) On training days one of the doses can be taken an hour before training to improve focus and performance.

With EC, I recommend you start with 1 cap 2x per day with meals. Another option is to take 2 caps with breakfast or dinner. Just pick the option that is the best fit for you.

The best way to use both products is 12 weeks on and 4 weeks off to avoid becoming desensitized to the herbs in the formula.

Are your products manufactured at a facility that practices cGMP?

Yes, cGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA. CGMPs provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. All of my supplements are made at such facilities.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

ASTB-EC combo has a 30-day money-back guarantee for first-time users. Give it a shot for a month. If you’re not happy with the results, then shoot me an email and I will arrange a refund for the purchase price (shipping fee not included). If you order more than one bottle, then the remaining unopened bottles will need to be sent back for a refund on the entire order. For example, if you order three bottles and decide after using the first bottle that it is not a fit, then the remaining two unopened bottles will need to be returned for a full refund on the entire order.

How long does it take for delivery?

All orders placed on Sunday to Thursday are shipped within twenty-four hours. USA orders are shipped by USPS priority mail and delivered on an average of five business days. Orders to Canada are delivered within 7-10 days on average. Orders sent to Europe and Australia generally take two weeks and orders sent to Asia take 3-4 weeks. Delays can result from customs taking longer to clear orders.

Does your company support any causes or charities?

Yes, I am a strong financial supporter of many charities including Project Child Save to help save kids from human trafficking, The Warrior Angels Foundation to help soldiers with PTSD due to traumatic brain injuries Voice For The Animals,  to help homeless animals, and animal rights legislation, and No Dogs Left Behind to help rescue animals from the horrific dog meat trade. When you support my company you indirectly support all of these fantastic organizations and many others.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

I received EC from you about 6 months ago and found two males with uncontrolled estradiol increases even on a 40mg every-third-day protocol. Patient (1) had an Estradiol of 67.4ng/ml without any symptoms of nipple sensitivity or breast fullness. A repeat Estradiol 90 days after 2 caps a day returned a 23.7ng/ml. The other patient’s (2), initial Estradiol prior to starting testosterone therapy was 117ng/ml, We placed him on EC and followed up in 3 months and his Estradiol level dropped to 42.4ng/ml. With the results of these two challenging cases, I will now make EC known to our patients as an option for treating their real and assumed elevations in Estradiol.

–Dr. Mark Gordon, M.D.

After the Dr. ordered typical blood work panels but did not provide any answers, I decided to have a male hormone panel done on my own.  It’s a good thing I did because my Estradiol was at 44!  For those who are not familiar, The ‘normal’ range is less than 39.  After reviewing all of the results ( Total and Free Testosterone were low as well ), a friend who had used Mike’s products before suggested I try them.  I ordered ASTB and Estrogen Control, a 1 month supply of each.  This was a trial run to see if they would work for me.  His results speak for themselves but would it work for me?  I am 5’11 and 280lbs, with decent muscle but soft around the midsection.  I took 2 ASTB in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.  I took 1 EC twice a day with food.  After only 27 days, my Estradiol was tested at 17 !!!  Diet and exercise stayed the same, so there is only one conclusion, MIKE’S PRODUCTS WORK!  After I received my results, I emailed Mike to ask how to proceed since the number was reduced.  He emailed back with a ‘maintenance’ dosage.  My next step was to order more ASTB so that I could finish the 12-week cycle.  I will provide another update with free and total testosterone numbers.  Thank you!

Gavin Morales

Thank you for your awesome insights.  I have my whole family supplementing with topical magnesium.  I have been periodically getting tested for Magnesium RBC which is up to a 6 as well as Testosterone serum which is up to a 690 and free at 14.9. I have been stacking your EC and the ASTB, and at 55 I feel better energy and deeper sleep than my 40’s not to mention the ability to build and hold lean body mass. Thank you for being the real deal, addressing the real issues required to make the most of every day in and out of the gym. To your health and prosperity,
–Bill Vogel, Quogue, NY

Thanks, Mike- your products rock!! Got through the TRT withdrawals cold turkey with 2 caps twice a day of EC and Test Booster for 6 weeks. Took 4 weeks off and now I’m going to proceed at the lower dose. Thanks a million for a legit product.

–Dan Doelger

LOVE the podcast – really appreciate all that you and Sincere do!  You cut through the BS and hold this industry that you limit the products to ensure quality and integrity and actually use them yourself.  I love EC and I’ve never felt better (at age 51).

–Maria Peden

Mike, I just had to tell you how awesome this product is. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to do much (no offense intended).  My total test was 275 last time I had it checked.  I took one bottle of Aggressive Strength and had a blood test on the last day (day 45) and my total T was up to 879!  I would have been happy with 600.  Incredible. I feel good, strong.  Thank you!

–Ian McLeish

Just received my blood work after finishing an 8-week cycle of T-boost. Blood work before starting the 8-week cycle: Total testosterone was 715 ng/dL. The free test was 5.6 pg/mL After 8 8-week cycle on Aggressive Strength Total T was 940 ng/dL….Free T was 33.3 pg/mL (it was flagged as being too high!) Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster is the REAL DEAL….I am 59 year old male…I was at the LLA Podcast kettlebell summit in Vegas this past Sept.

Thank you Mike for producing such QUALITY products !!!!”

–Raleigh Wood

Just sending you some feedback on your testosterone booster. I am 40, eat all plant-based,  My T levels were 619 before, and a month into it 843 my e2 levels before were 42 and then 35. I could feel a huge difference in my workouts and sex drive.  Great job on putting this supplement together works great!

Thank you

–Kevin Brown

Just wanted everybody to know this, my testosterone level before I used Mike’s testosterone supplement was 350. I only did one eight-week cycle and have not used it in three months. I got my testosterone checked the other day and I am at 620!! I can’t wait to do my next cycle of this. Let’s get it up to 1200?? Lol

–Poppa Pump Panezai 

Hey Mike, I just wanted to tell you that you were completely wrong! I finished my first 8-week cycle of your testosterone booster 2 weeks ago. I had my blood tested again in December and my T was down to 305. I started the first week of January on your booster. I got my results back yesterday and I am now up to 724! My Dr. accused me of getting injections from another Dr. he says he has never heard of anyone going up like that from a supplement. So awesome!

Anyway, I am thrilled to be back to my normal self. My workouts have never been better and let’s just say my fiance is quite happy. I am really hoping to make your seminar in Sept.

–Art O’Connor

I am 26 and had my testosterone levels checked a year ago during a really stressful period, it had gone down to the 400s! I used your test booster last year after getting those results back, really made a point to implement all of your testosterone tips (especially with lifestyle), and then used the EC estrogen control mostly recently. 

Got my bloodwork done 10 days after finishing a 30-day cycle, test is in the 700s! Combined with the changes in lifestyle, and relationships, I think it will go even higher now.  And while I know that the booster isn’t an anabolic obviously, I will say I feel AMAZING while taking it. Really looking forward to utilizing it again

 —Alexander Cortes 

In the 6 weeks since starting with your sup, my Total T went to 746 and Free went to 108!!! Man, that’s epic…especially considering I started at 330 initially 6 months ago!!

Since being at 330 Total, I’ve come down from 268 lbs to 228 lbs. I feel super-athletic again and am pumped about flag football coming up in 2 weeks.

Here’s to not feeling like a “eunuch” anymore like you say – haha!

I’m also halfway through Live Life Aggressively and have to say it’s very entertaining and full of irrefutable truth…nice work!

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication that continues to be invested in folk’s lives!

–R Crosley 

Hi Mike, I have finished my 1st bottle of Testosterone Booster (out of the 3, bought initially), which lasts ~8 weeks. I am very pleased with the results: I have increased my bench press from 3-4 reps with 100 kg to 10 reps!!  I am confident that I will reach soon my personal record – 2reps/150 kg

-A Lordache 

I’ve been waiting to get some lab results back before giving your Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster a testimonial…and the results are in!

I’ve taken three bottles of your ASTB and right away noticed a surge of feeling good as well as a kind of centered yet virile aggression for sex and life for lack of a better term.

I feel fantastic when I take your stuff and lab results confirm that my testosterone is indeed going up! (153 points!)

On top of that, your customer service/fulfillment is fantastic and you’ve always responded to my inquiries in a ridiculously timely manner.

All in all, you’re one of the few guys out there in this field who’s truly kicking ass and isn’t a moron so I hope as many people as possible support you so you can keep up the awesome fucking job!

–Nathan A

I’m very careful with the whole testosterone booster thing. I thoroughly vet, research and test any product I use before I put it into my body, and make sure that it not only does what it claims to do but is made by ethical folks who know their stuff. Aggressive Strength satisfies all those criteria. As an athlete, I’ve had to fight against low T, low luteinizing hormone, and low libido from heavy training and Mike Mahler has managed to turn all that around for me. Every hard-charging guy needs a bottle of this stuff in his fridge, now. I highly recommend it.

–Ben Greenfield, author of Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance Health, & Life

I’ve just finished my first cycle of Testosterone Booster, coupled with Restorezyme & I have to say, I’ve had fantastic results.

I will be turning 45 in January & for the last 4-5 years I have suffered from fatigue or just being too tired/lazy to do anything, even train. Since taking your products I’ve had the energy of a 20-year-old!!! On my days off from work, I now start the day with a 3-5 mile walk (listening to you & Sincere, gone through all your podcasts in less than 2 months!!!) & then do my kettlebell training in the early afternoon, where before I wouldn’t even get out of bed before midday & then be in a semi-comatose state for the rest of the day. My focus & attention have also greatly improved & I find myself completing so many tasks in one day that I sometimes say to myself, slow down homeboy or you’re gonna crash & burn, but so far that hasn’t happened.

I’m a huge fan of yours & your no-bullshit attitude to life & I just wanted to leave my feedback for you & also to say keep up the great work.

I’ve already placed my second order & have recommended your products to a lot of my friends & family, once again Mike, thank you, your products have been a game changer for me.

–Narinder (Nins) Rai

Just wanted to drop a note of thanks. My doctor just called and read out the results of my annual physical compared to last year. My Testosterone climbed up 150 points! This is after 1 cycle of the pack I recently purchased from you. He suggested doing exactly what I have been doing. The other great thing is that my cholesterol count has decreased which alarmed him last year. Another year of the same course of improvement, using the intense training and dietary improvements should bring that down to normal. I must say, investing in your products and adopting the lifestyle choices that you advocate have paid me great dividends and I am grateful to you. Thanks!

–Mo Khan

This is my third order, During the last order, I was able to add 4 extra reps on my headstand pushups, 4 extra reps to chin-ups, and 30 more pounds onto my deadlifts. That is not an easy task at the young age of 50. Thanks for this quality product, you’re the man

–Dave McElroy 

I wanted to provide you a testimonial for Aggressive Strength because, well, it’s working for me.   

I’m a 59-year-old guy, eat reasonably well, cycle, practice yoga, and generally take good care of myself.  At this age, however, my energy levels are, quite obviously, not what they used to be.  I mentioned this to a friend who writes a health blog, GarmaOnHealth.  Joe Garma recommended I try your Product and, coming from him, I thought it worth a try.  And it has been worth the try.  I’ve changed nothing in my diet, except for the inclusion of Aggressive Strength.  For the 1-month + I’ve been using the Product I’ve felt a renewed sense of energy and focus. All without any artificial “caffeine-like” buzz.  Simply more energy.  

Bravo! on your Product.  And, thank you for replying personally to my several inquiries.  

All the best.

–Gary Gregory

I am 62 years old and as most of you know after the age of 30, a man’s testosterone levels start to decline. I am not into injections, gels, and that sort of thing so I prefer testosterone boosters in pill form. I have tried Ageless Male, Test x180, Elite-Test 360, and HcGenerate. I could not even tell I was taking anything with the first three. The HcGenerate seemed OK but I noticed a feeling of dizziness after taking it and that did not go too well with me. After trying a bottle of Aggressive Strength I knew I would be placing a 2nd order. It gave me a sense of well-being and seemed to help me in other areas as well. Aggressive Strength with all-natural ingredients is my choice by far.

Mark Greenidge – Los Angeles

Very impressed with the results of the Aggressive Strength testosterone booster. Just starting the second 8-week cycle and without a blood test, there are definitely results going on, much-improved strength and endurance in the type of training I’m doing. I’m 45 and can see using this for quite some time. Thanks, Mike for the research you have done and for raising awareness on hormone optimization, I have benefitted for sure. Also great customer service, Mike is a stand-up guy and very accessible.

–Greg Herman

I started my 3rd cycle of Aggressive strength 5 days ago.  I’m still amazed at how great this stuff works.  I’m energized and my mood is up.  I participated in the IKFF Worlds event back in November.  I did the 10-minute snatch set with a 20kg bell.  I lasted a little over 8 minutes with 144 reps.  Today I did a 7-minute set with the same weight and cranked out 147 reps.  I still had life in me to keep going.  Your supplements are definitely a factor in the progress I’m making.  I’m looking forward to trying out your new products when they come out.

–Bill Leber

I’m a science-minded person who tends to view things that may seem to be alternative or a bit fringe with a healthy dose of skepticism, so it was with this critical eye that I viewed your testosterone booster.

Once again, after a few days, my life was changed for the better, far better.  I don’t keep a training journal, so I don’t know if my lifts have improved much, but at this stage in my life I’m just happy to maintain, which I’m sure I have.  I think even for my age my sex life has been pretty good, but because of your testosterone booster, I never thought in my wildest dreams it could be this good.  I’m not going to go into details, but let’s say with my girlfriend I have been revisiting my days when I was tomcatting around in my twenties.  Just two capsules a day for a month and a half.  Incredible. I’ve taken two months off and now I’m quite eager to begin another month and a half cycle.

Congratulations, Mike, on a fabulous product equal to or greater than your training advice I’ve been following for years now with results that have far exceeded anything I’ve experienced in more than 40 years of training.

–Steve Daniels 

When my doctor ordered some blood work for a general physical in January 2013, I asked him to check my testosterone. It was low, and not wanting to start TRT, I was looking for a way to boost testosterone naturally. A few months later I ordered aggressive strength. Halfway into my second cycle of taking it, I ordered a hormone panel from Life Extension. I was pleased to see that my total went up by 127! 

–Dave Gunter 

You’re a freakin GENIUS!!! I’ve been taking the supps for a few short weeks and wow what a change.  I feel much better about myself and have noticed improvements in gains and strength as a direct result.  I’d been thinking about using them for a while and now am wondering why it took me so long to give it a try!!  I’ve tried nearly every supplement on this planet and by a LONG margin this stuff is amazing and the real deal

This will be more than a ‘one-off’ try, this will be an investment for the rest of my life.  Thanks so much!!

Dr. Pavandeep Khaira BDS (University of London)

I tried Mike Mahler’s Aggressive Strength T Booster and I very quickly noticed that my workouts got longer and longer, and I just felt good about adding sets, reps, and exercises. I don’t use a scale, or really study the mirror, but I do work out every day and I could feel the quicker recovery and greater enthusiasm for heavy bells. I experiment with supplements all the time, and they nearly never do anything, so I was very pleasantly surprised at the definite and noticeable change. Thanks, Mike!”

–Sam Sheridan, Author of A Fighter’s MindThe Fighter’s Heart and The Disaster Diaries

Your T-Booster is awesome but should be named Kick-Ass Pills.  I am 40 and feeling the age gain on me.  I started with your pills about 1.5 weeks ago and felt the difference within 15 minutes.  All the confidence, gusto, and passion for life have returned to 100%, I was living at 70% and then trying different supplements to get back to 100%.  I am a lifter, wrestler, golfer.  Your booster is by far and away the best I have had, and believe me, I have tried a bunch.  TBomb II being the most recent, I didn’t even finish the bottle, it is still in my cabinet.  That being said, the strength gains are really starting to happen, and I am up to two pills a day.  Anyways, thank you again for the kick-ass pills.

–David Williams 

8 months ago my trainer introduced me to Mahler’s Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster. He had said how great he was feeling and how we it had worked for him. Having tried other products claiming to give the same results and being disappointed each time,  I was a little weary.  I decided to give it a try though and could not be happier that I did. To say it had exceeded my expectations is an understatement. I noticed a huge improvement in my stamina at the gym and how I was always in such a great mood. the products I had tried before had some negative effects where this stuff was just perfect. I am about to start my third cycle taking it and can’t wait. This will be something I will stand behind whenever anyone asks for recommendations. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. It’s nice to see a supplement with some time and care put into it in an industry full of disappointing products

.–James Forsythe 

Mike, Just dropping a line to tell you your Test Booster is the best I have ever used, I just won my master 50+ class at a bodybuilding contest last weekend at the Las Vegas Sports Festival, and also prepping for the bigger show in four weeks “Jay Cutler Desert Classic 2014” in April.  I am so pleased with the way I feel about your booster. Usually, after a show, I have a letdown, but not this time.. endless energy and wife says thanks!

–Curtis Cachero

I have used the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster for two 8-week periods and I have to say, finally, a supplement that works. I have noticed great improvements in three main areas (in no particular order): 1) An increased feeling of well-being and better mood. Friends and family know me as a guy who can get pretty grumpy from time to time and just have bad days in general. I noticed a significant reduction of this while using this product and in general, just felt good about everything. 2) Increased energy and strength. I show up for my training excited and ready to get after it, and my performance on both pure strength and endurance has improved. 3) An increase in insulin sensitivity which results in body fat loss without obsessing over my diet. I have no blood tests/science to validate this but I can feel it. My body seems to “soak up” the food I eat and it seems as though more fuel is going toward muscle growth. Another reason I can tell my insulin sensitivity has increased is when I use AS I become much more sensitive to coffee/caffeine…and at times even get rebound hypoglycemia if I haven’t eaten – something I did not use to experience. This is an easily avoidable side effect but just proves the point! Overall I have been very satisfied with the product and I plan to continue using it for as long as it’s available. Thanks, Mike!

-Derek D.  

Mike, had to hit you up real quick. I took the Test Booster 15 minutes before my kettlebell class. The class is an hour and normally I’m dragging in the last 15 minutes. Tonight I felt like I could do the class all over again! Tons of energy. Went from a 28 kg to 32 with presses, 5 sets 1-5, and used a 32kg bell for get-ups 1-3 on each side, normal weight is 24kg. Incredible! I’m going to take it that way every time now.

–Kenny Watkins 

Hey Mike. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve tried several t boosters and yours was the only one that I actually felt a difference taking. In fact, I had to stop taking it because it made my sex drive too high – I couldn’t get any work done! Sounds kind of funny but it’s true. Thanks for putting out a quality product. I’m looking forward to trying it again when I have more free time on my hands haha

–Ted Ryce

2013 had been a big year for me in terms of my first full year as an entrepreneur and also my first full season of Spartan Races, despite proud achievements in both fields by the end of the year I was washed out. The combination of my training regime and my work had taxed me to the limit, my cortisol was jacked up to the ceiling. I knew I was going to need to take time out to recover and get back on track but also knew from how I felt that my testosterone had taken a massive hit.

I had no sex drive, my energy levels were depleted, my concentration was non-existent, and I had no drive or ambition for anything. I knew I was going to have to take action to reverse this sorry state of affairs, as a 32-year-old man I was not ready to lay down and submit to being an old man yet!

As a big fan of Mike’s work with the LLA podcast and listening to his insightful information about hormone optimization and his passion for the subject, I decided that I would take the plunge and purchase Mahler’s Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster formula to help me get me back on track. Mike is a no-BS kind of guy and I trusted that his product would deliver what I needed.

I was not disappointed! Within the first week of taking the product I straight away saw my concentration pull into sharp focus, I would put this down to how the active ingredients affect dopamine, either way, I went from having no ambition to being my most productive ever. I could sit down and work on my writing of articles and my eBook with laser-like intensity, I was more attentive to my clients and loved ones, and I didn’t feel like shit. What happened next blew me away.

As weeks went by on my first 8-week cycle of progressive strength I started to reap the benefits in other areas, my workouts got increasingly better as I started pulling off PBs I didn’t know I had in me, and my muscle mass increased as a bi-product and I feel as strong as an ox. I have also started the Obstacle race season off in dominant style and am ready to push my boundaries this year.

My sex drive and performance have gone through the roof (almost literally) and I have felt an increased verve that has given me the confidence to burn. I honestly can’t remember feeling like this since I was a teenager. It is like having a new lease on life, you can’t put a price on feeling this good inside and out – so buying yourself a cycle of Aggressive Strength is a no-brainer! I start my second cycle next week and I can’t wait. Great work, Mike! Thank you!

-Joe Brigham
Personal Trainer, OCR Athlete, Writer.

This stuff is pretty amazing. I really wasn’t expecting it has such a big effect on me. Within just 4 or 5 days of taking it I felt like a superhero. I was in a super good mood all the time and had a major increase in confidence. I had more energy for my workouts and felt like I was getting more out of them. I’ve gotten stronger, hitting a new 1-rep pr on deadlift at 415. And I’ve gained about 5 pounds, going from 176 to 181. This is the first time I’ve gotten to 180 in my life.

–Phil Letten 

Mike, I am knocking on the door of age 40 and currently work at a busy fire station in Las Vegas Nevada. The demands of the job and the erratic sleep patterns at work take a toll on the body. I tried your testosterone booster and I can honestly say that I felt an increase in energy levels, in addition to strength and stamina in the gym. I also experienced overall wellness mentally. I am a true believer in your products. Thank you for all your time and research in developing products that work.

–Mike Afanasiev

This is my third order and I certainly miss the positive mood and sense of well-being I have when supplementing with the aggressive strength test booster. As usual, your service is first class as it arrived just a few days after ordering. This is the only testosterone booster that works for me, period. Everything else I have tried over the years has been junk! I don’t have blood work done but I certainly notice the beneficial changes a day or two after starting. I am 43, vegan, and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach.

–Dave Massey 

Hi Mike, I have finished my 1st bottle of Testosterone Booster (out of the 3, bought initially), which lasts ~8 weeks. I am very pleased with the results: I have increased my bench press from 3-4 reps with 100 kg to 10 reps!!  I am confident that I will reach soon my personal record – 2reps/150 kg--Adrian Lordache 

Your testosterone booster is the best supplement that I’ve tried. I’m 40 years old and work as a wildland firefighter. In the last few years, I’ve been feeling it too. I primarily rely on KB and body weight training to stay in shape for my job. Since starting this supplement I’ve REALLY noticed a significant decrease in recovery time and have blown the doors off of my previous best times and numbers. Now, if they’ll stop this stupid damn govt. shutdown and let me get back to work I’ll order some more from you. 

Thanks for giving this beat-up firefighter a boost.

 –David Sigafoose

This is a reorder of the test booster – the first time I used it – I found I was able to do four things at once – increase my KB weight, increase my muscle mass, and decrease my body weight and fat percentage.  I’m 46.  That was a first for me.  The spray also helps – I have ordered that before as well – with virtually no muscle soreness – I was able to push my daily workload to new levels. And I did notice I slept better as well.

I am very happy with your products – thanks a lot for putting them out for everyone to utilize.

–Joe Viz, Bjj and Judo Black belt – Xfit and KB fan

For someone who has tried their share of herbs, formulas, supplements, etc. absolutely nothing compares to Aggressive Strength! 

I feel it within a half hour of taking it. I’d like to describe it as a wave of confidence and energy. 

When I take Aggressive Strength before a workout I feel outstanding at the gym. Explosive! My workouts aren’t the only thing that is explosive. 

When I take Aggressive Strength for a few consecutive days my sex drive and libido go through the roof. My girlfriend can’t get enough as I am even larger. No joke! 

I’m 240 pounds and one pill is enough to feel an effect for an entire day. The shit is strong. 

–Jeffrey Quiros 

In a little over a month I have been able to lose 16 pounds (am down to 170 lbs, and the weight loss is not from starving myself, I eat what I used to eat, and I find that I can withstand food cravings and stop snacking a lot better). I am feeling happier and more self-confident. It gives me a more natural (holistic) sense of my masculinity that I hadn’t had before. I no longer have hot flashes, sweating, and flushing. I have enough energy to do more physically demanding work. 

Your testosterone booster has helped me immensely to get back to health physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is nothing short of remarkable (more like miraculous) considering I wasn’t able to begin any exercise regime. The only anxiety I have is to be off it for 4 weeks.

Thank you for developing such a life-changing and life-balancing product!


Just wanted to drop you a quick email to tell you about my experience with your Aggressive Strength Test Booster.

I ran it for 8 weeks as per your advice.

My weight has increased slightly from 153 to 157 while getting very noticeably leaner. I was probably around ~11% BF starting the cycle so I was pretty lean anyway but am now definitely in single figures (maybe ~8 or 9%) judging by the veins on my upper abdomen, sides of my torso, shoulders, and my back. Based on this I estimate my LBM has increased from ~136lbs to 142lbs! Not bad in 8 weeks particularly as I wasn’t really eating for mass gain.

My appetite for lifting over the 8 weeks was INSANE, I literally had an incredible urge to lift every day and had to force myself to take a day off here and there. I have lifted on average 5 days a week, with minimal soreness and no let-up in strength. All my lifts have gone up, not huge increases but definitely improved and the weights that I previously found challenging are now easy. I have felt virtually indestructible going into the gym over the last 2 months and my work capacity has improved hugely. I am 34 by the way to out some age context on these results.

All in all a great product and I am looking forward to running the next cycle. I am going to take before and after photos when I run the next 2 cycles. Really excited to see what changes I can make.

I would recommend this product to ANYONE who wants to kick up their training a big notch and feel INCREDIBLE while crushing weights.

–Colm McDonnell 

I just wanted to write a quick note and tell you about what has happened since I started using Aggressive Strength. I started a little over a month ago. During the first couple of weeks, there was not a noticeable difference in my energy in strength, but I did see a significant drop in my body fat. I am not a ‘big’ guy (I am 5’8″ and at the time 165 lbs). At the 3 week mark, I saw a jump in my energy and strength. But, nothing compared to a month into using the product – my body fat dropped almost 2% (my weight is no 158 and solid muscle) and my strength has started to significantly increase. I am able to handle much heavier kettlebells and my lifts have added 15-25 lbs each (bench, deadlift, squat)…but, the best part has been seeing my wife, Athena’s response, to how my body has changed over the last 4-5 weeks – a visible difference!

Thanks, Mike! Great stuff. Also using magnesium oil to help with recovery.

–James Pond of Transitions Global 

Just finished an 8-week cycle of your test boost. I weigh 145 lbs so I took 2 capsules a day. Everything seemed to come together during the 2 months; diet, rest days/proper sleep, and solid workouts. As a result, my weight went up. Prior to the cycle, my bench press was at 195-205 lbs and by the end of the cycle, I was pushing 235lbs for a few reps. My incline went from 185 lbs to 215 lbs and my deadlifts went up from 225 to 300 lbs. What I noticed the most during the 8 weeks was the consistency of my workouts. I never really had a day where my workout was weaker than the previous one. It’s funny, a friend of mine asked my opinion on test boosters a few months back and I had never given it any thought. So I looked into it and knew you had just released one. I liked what I read and I have been using your recovery oil for almost a year. At the time, I told my friend that I was going to place an order and that he should try it too. He opted to go with the Universal Test supplement (which cost him ~$140 for a 44-day cycle). He told me it worked for him, but after witnessing my experience on your test booster he called me up a couple of days ago and told me to place an order for him.

 –-Matt Garton 

At the moment I am almost through my first eight-week cycle of Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster and I must say that all the praise is well deserved. I have noticed big improvements in my physical performance, but the most profound impact for me has been on my mood and mental well-being.

I am 30 years old now and for most of my late teens and into my mid-twenties I suffered from severe depression. I have had relapses in later years, and over the last few weeks, I have been through situations that would have crippled me in the past, had it not been for the supplement. These may seem like big words, but I know myself and I most certainly know my limitations. For lack of better terms, the supplement gives me an extra gear to go on, almost like a safety net of sorts. Everybody is different, but in my case, the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster has been better than any medication or treatment I have ever tried. 

I first heard about Mike Mahler back in 2007 while researching kettlebells which were new to me at the time. I ended up really liking his style and got a copy of The Kettlebell Solution for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness DVD. I have been an avid follower of his ever since and it has been a great journey and a complete pleasure all the way. 

Thank you so much for doing what you do.

–Axel, Norway

Feedback: your stuff rocks. I instantly noticed results in the form of increased libido, but over a couple of weeks I also noticed a physical difference too. Note, I don’t do any kettlebells or weights nor am I triggering testosterone with large muscle group exercises. I have only been training Jiu Jitsu and yoga + doing some of the plyometric workouts from the insanity program. I was training for the World Masters and Seniors championships and I won double bronze last weekend. My recovery was great and the only other supplement was a vegan protein shake (Arbonne was the brand). I plan on supplementing my regimen with kettlebells in the future but I’ve been really happy with the results. This is my last weekend 6’3″ 215 lbs and 2 weeks from my 40th birthday. No weights, just grappling.


After reading Live Life Aggressively and taking Mike’s hormone optimization class through Entheos Academy, I just HAD to try the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster.

I did a 4 week trial of it where I dropped all other supplements except for magnesium and Vitamin D.  My baseline serum testosterone level before beginning the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster was 660 ng/dL.  At the end of 4 weeks, just 3 days before ceasing supplementation, my serum testosterone level was at 823 ng/dL.  That’s roughly a 25% increase over my baseline testosterone level.

While on the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster, I noticed better daytime focus and energy as well as fewer cravings for sugary foods or even coffee.  I’m not even sure that I “needed” my daily morning cup for the energy so much as it’s just become a habit.

In the gym, I felt like I was able to train harder and recover faster, especially neurologically between workouts.  Oftentimes, hard sprint work leaves me feeling as mentally exhausted as it does physically exhausted.  While on the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster, I felt physically exhausted after my sprint workouts, but still quite mentally fresh and focused.

The mental boost was not expected but certainly welcomed.  I train with a large number of operators, and on long heavy ruck marches, I often notice a mental fog that slowly creeps in as I approach physical exhaustion.  Oftentimes, people will ask me questions and I am taxed to formulate an answer.  However, while supplementing with the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster, I definitely noticed a nootropic effect where my mental acuity stayed sharp despite being under physical duress.

So, objectively (as evidenced by my bloodwork) and subjectively (as described by my experience), the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster is a game changer.  Thanks, Mike!  Definitely one of the best products I have ever used!

–Chad Cilli

Mike: I just ordered a second bottle of your test boost/estrogen control. I am a 52-year-old white-collar professional; fit, but working in a stressful profession.

The product helps me maintain muscle mass during workout schedule interruptions. It adds a subtle extra focus to my mind at work. It has other subtle effects that are … um … nice.

I am a natural skeptic. I did not expect much if anything. I am pleasantly surprised.

Thank you. I enjoyed your book as well.  A good read.

–Michael Ramsey 

What is happening? I have definitely leaned out in fat… clearly areas of my body where fat accumulates have leaned down lower than I can remember this age…. this while putting on weight… this is clear. This weight has been muscle mass… I was hanging around 222 and now 228 – 229 with a leaner body… More gym energy, thicker muscles… legs, butt, thighs… increased libido/sexual energy. I can surely feel these things being very body aware. I have tried to take 3 per day a couple of times. I  find that I just do not feel that well when I do. I feel a bit grouchy and a bit headachy… I am thinking this is simply that 2 caps per day can work for me. As I mentioned I am very body aware and feel the effects of Aggressive Strength. I am really just into my third week, so it could even be I am not fully adjusted yet. 

I have not actually tested my testosterone levels, yet I can feel a change in me… mood, energy, sexual energy (have had exceptional morning wood)… workout energy… body changes. 

–Wyoguy forum 

Hope you are doing great, I just wanted to send you a quick note about my experience with your testosterone booster. I have been taking it for three weeks now, and the thing I noticed the most is that my hayfever allergies are pretty much gone. I generally have to take some form of anti-histamine off and on throughout the spring and summer. With your product, I haven’t had to take any for three weeks. I know that isn’t necessarily too long, but there was recently another hay cut in my area and I have been feeling great, where normally I would be having to take pills to lessen the effects. I looked up stinging nettle and discovered it can be used for hayfever as it has anti-histamine effects on the body.

Aside from that effect, I have noticed similar effects that others have had. I really feel an increase in strength during workouts and have less fatigue, therefore, being able to do more reps. My recovery time has improved as well. I also want to mention that I received my delivery in a very timely manner, thank you for that. I also have a similar benefit as others reported, causing my wife to complain that she can’t keep up with me! She is wondering when you will have “aggressive strength” for women!!! Haha!

Thanks and take care,

Tyrone, Canada

I have been using the Aggressive strength testosterone booster for around 6 weeks now with great results. After around 2 weeks at 3 tabs per day, I began to notice strength gains and better stamina in my Kettle Bells,  MMA, and BJJ training. I am able to do more intense 5-minute rounds now, and still feel strong and more full of energy throughout a hard hour of none stop sparring and drilling. At 38 years of age recovery was an issue with me, often being very sore after two hard sessions and struggling for the third one in the week. However now, with the Test Booster and also the Recovery Oil, my recovery is much better and soreness has really reduced between training sessions

I have also lost body fat, and my waist and back fat have reduced (an area I have had stubborn fat in for years and struggled to shed) My mood has improved too, feeling calmer and more chilled out in the face of problems.

Overall a great supplement, especially for an older athlete like myself!-

– Mike C UK

I currently train in Krav Maga (the Israeli combat training/self-defense system) two to three times per week, plus throw in at least one heavy weight-training workout to build strength and complement my combat sessions.  I’ve also struggled with ADD (attention deficit disorder) throughout my life and was finding myself checking out from what the instructor was teaching about 30 to 35 minutes into my workouts.  Believe me, you do not want to be checking out mentally when having to defend against fists, kicks, chokes, and knife attacks!

Since I’ve been taking Testosterone Booster, however, my mental focus has been completely consistent throughout the whole training session; not having to catch myself, re-focus, and re-calibrate is great.  And regarding my most recent weight-training workout:  I walked into the gym in a kind of funk from having to meet a lot of deadlines at work.  After that first set, though, I started feeling the strength and endurance that I haven’t felt in a long time.  I just wanted to keep going and push myself harder.  It reminded me of that scene in ‘Captain America’ when he gets injected with the serum and literally looks down at his new muscles going “wow, this feels great”.  Thanks to potentially increased dopamine levels and enhanced awareness from Testosterone Booster, though, I knew I should cut off the workout at the right time to give myself the proper recovery and restoration. 

In short, I am grateful for your product, and, to pay it forward, have bought a bottle for my father so he can try it out for himself.  May he get the same kind of results that I have experienced.

–Joseph Moore 

Just a quick note to tell you how great your test booster is. I have tried a few others in the past some were ok (age force patches were the best). Yours however is incredible. After about the 3rd day I experienced huge improvements in mood, focus, and then boom libido like I haven’t felt since I was 16. I have been taking them all at the same time but I just watched your video and will try spreading them out a little. many thanks to you I am only 33 and am pretty healthy but have always had trouble focusing and have been a little add so this is perfect. now I just need more time to practice the midnight maneuver with the girlfriend! great product!

–Jonas Pena 

Hi Mike. just touching base on the Testosterone Booster. I finished my first 4-week cycle and I’m now just finishing my first week off the booster.

Week 1 – felt hot and sweated profusely all week due to the glucose disposal we talked about, got a consistent mental high and felt pretty good but it was pretty intense, it was a definite event taking place in my body. that week I also started taking protein shakes consistently every morning and post workout plus added vegetable juice into my diet made at home in a juicer, started taking zinc, kept up my dermal magnesium spray, got plenty of sleep, ate waaaaaaaaay better, worked out more, no coffee, etc typical health kick.

Week 2 – I felt like fucking superman, I kept the same regimen and moved up to 2 booster tablets a day, one with my breakfast smoothie at 7 and one around 2 pm with lunch. trained weights, trained BJJ, trained combative hard, worked hard, nothing phased me. 

Week 3 – again I felt like a beast, just more good moods and good workouts, work was easier stress was manageable, etc all good – all around. around this time I got onto the probiotics, just a regular Aussie brand shop bought one but still; it was something, my now gluten-free diet has really had a big effect and the probiotics at night also help, good call on that one.

Week 4 – felt great but the “rush” effect that I was getting from the boosters had definitely left me, now I just felt good and strong and energetic.

Week 5 – the first week off after the 4-week cycle, feel great, super motivated, noticeably stronger, and more intense in my day-to-day activities than I was 4 weeks ago, my diet is great, workouts are great, not sleeping as well this week though? noticeably so but probably unrelated.

all in all, id say you’ve done it, man, it works for me, the “alpha” feeling I’ve heard you speak about has never been something I’ve connected with but the last month’d said I have, had a really good turnaround. I’m 33 and its the best I’ve ever felt

—Kim McConchie

As a soon to be 47yo, the testosterone booster was a timely purchase for me. I’m getting ready to recert my SFG creds with Pavel et. al. and wanted to be super ready for the 3 day weekend. During my first RKC  cert (9/11). I barely passed the snatch test. That’s not gonna happen again. In fact, I’m making huge gains in completing the snatch test, with a 28kg. I’ve cut my time down from 15min to 7:40 since I started taking the pills. I’ve also hit PR’s in my deadlift as nearing 400lbs. Not bad weighing in at 170!

One day, I’m sure our paths will cross.

All the best!

–Tom Foley, 

Oakland, CA

What can I say about Mike’s Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster? I’ve experienced quite a few significant improvements, that I am more than positive are due to the addition of the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster. As a matter of fact, just a few days after I began taking ASTB, I achieved a PR in the 5 min Snatch-only sprint event, during the IKFF Invitational Kettlebell Sport competition, by completing 106 reps with the 24kg and achieving Candidate for Master of Sport in that event (10 reps less than the total amount I completed a few months earlier in the 10 minute Snatch-only event). I felt stronger and completely focused. More importantly, I recovered from that event completely, and was able to compete in the 5 minute long cycle clean and jerk event an hour later with the 16kg kettlebells, and complete 50 reps and attaining Rank 1. 

Now a few weeks after including ASTB in my regimen, my bodyfat is down 4%, my mental focus is razor sharp, I’m able to recover within a day after strenuous training sessions, hit numerous PRs during training, and I’m sure my sex drive would rival that of a man half my age (my wife is my witness ;-). I tried another testosterone booster before Mike’s, and I never saw anything close to the significant improvements in my overall performance, as I have with ASTB. I’m a fan, Mike. Thanks for, once again, creating a reputable and effective supplement, in an industry filled with false promises and over-priced garbage.

Sincere Hogan –

Just wanted to let you know that I started using the Recovery Oil. I was taking a high quality jell tablet and yours is blowing it out of the water.  My sleep is very deep now. I use 15 sprays in the morning and 15 before bed. I noticed it in 2 days. I also started my second cycle of the testbooster. I realy didn’t notice anything my first cycle, but this second after three days, I plowed through my crossFit workout this morning. My focus, recovery was phenominal. I am anxious to see how my lifts are. I am turning 54 yrs old soon so I look forward to the libido part-

–Carl Mathias 

I love the Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster. In the last week I’ve lost more weight, about 4 lbs, than I have in the last month. I haven’t changed my workout routine or my eating habits. According to an app I have to monitor sleep, and how I feel, I have been sleeping significantly better. I have had issues with backne for all of my adult life , and that to is almost gone. I can’t say enough good about it except thank you Morrison Industries for letting me know about it.

–Zachary Goodreau 

I think you out did yourself this time with your Testosterone Booster!!! My strength and endurance have hit another level. Thank you!!! I went from snatching 32kg to 36kg then the 38kg for 5X5’s. I added 2 more 200m & 300m sprints on track days. Those are only a couple things I’ve noticed. On another angle, I might have to get a younger girlfriend that can keep up with my libido. Its amazing that I get any training done. All I want to do is have sex. I’m 36 and my sex life has never been a problem. I’m extremely active, but this is a whole other level. Tarzan status!!!

–Christos Demetros, Las Vegas, NV IKFF Kettlebell Instructor 

Mike- thanks for an outstanding product. Just prior to starting Aggressive Strength we did a workout that included 100 air squats and I had to hobble to my car. After 2 weeks of AS we did another workout that included 150 air squats and – nothing, no sore muscles and I spent the day at work walking normally. I’ve started losing weight as well, without altering my diet. Will be interesting to see what I look like when I cycle off in 6 weeks. Thanks again!!!

–Ansel Chin 

Mike, God really has blessed you! You are the nicest Corporation-Fitness Man-Instructor I have ever met, albeit online. You have been a blessing to me. I am now 240 solid pounds at 5’10” and without the stiff steroid look either.

The 40 kg. bell is getting very managable. My body is very very strong now, and the Agressive Strength is amazing! Even my hard to get at chest fat-at the lower outer edges is going away! At 49, is that possible? Yes it is.

If I can ever help you in any way, let me know.

Peace bro!

–John Garcia.

Hi Mike,  I just wanted to say that I received your Test Booster about 2 weeks ago.  I have been taking 3 tablets each day,  I feel great,  my energy is up.  So far I have lost about 10lbs and I am leaner.  Not bad for a 41 year old fart….lol  This supplement is the real deal folks.  I would recommend it to anyone!

–Brad MacMillan 

I have been following you and researching your articles for the last year. About 2 years ago when living in LA, I became very depressed, agitated, and had a lack of motivation with work outs( for me martial arts was my passion) and blamed it on the commute from Thousand Oaks to Studio City 5 days a week, 101 you get the picture. After moving back to the south my problem did not get better it got worse. I went to my GP and he sent me to a specialist. They checked me for prostate and bladder cancer. Found out my T levels were way below normal. Myfamily and I moved back to LA to see if I could get back on my feet. Instead nothing changed. In November of 2012, I started researching your articles on hormones and andropause. Started taking some of the supplements you suggested. I could slowly feel a difference. In late January I changed to a complete plant based diet, Krav Maga, circuit training, and supplements you suggested. My mood started changing as well as my body. In March, ordered your T booster and recovery oil as well. On April 27th, which was my 90 day mark, I have lost 42 pounds, gained muscle, feel better, and able to keep up with the 20 year olds in Krav. This is my new life style. I will FB you pics soon of my progress. Also, I just turned 43. Thanks for the info!

–Jay Evan Walker 

Just wanted to add to the long list of kudos for your Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster. It really works – even for older guys without shredded muscle or intense workout regimes. I’m a 54 year old guy in good shape (6 feet tall, 175 pounds) who regularly does cardio and lifts light to moderate weights (kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.) but I am by no means a gym rat nor am I a former athlete.

I had my T level checked as part of a comprehensive physical and was surprised to find it much lower than the normal range since I really had none of the classic symptoms of low T (low sex drive, fatigue, etc.). My wife has been following you for a couple of years and recommended your product so I gave it a shot (2 pills/day for 45 days) and then got my T level retested. My score went from 206 to 342 (the normal range is 300-800) in 50 days – a 66% improvement! You totally rock!

Your product is awesome and I can’t wait to start the second round next month.

–Eric C 

I finished a AS cycle at the end of May and I want to briefly share with you a few comments. I took 2 caps per day and I started feeling the effects the first few days! I could totally feel an increase in not only energy but mental focus as well. At the end of my AS cycle I added two extra sets of my KB press. I am listening to your podcast episode 4 and I totally experienced the increased compassion and confidence while on AS. I have been to one of your workshops and I have been loving the recovery oil. I love the fact that you practice what you preach and I can’t wait for your new products. Keep up the awesome work! Oh one more thing, I find it funny that the mainstream is finally catching up to you as you have been advocating hormone optimization for years.

–Jeff Cordova

Having been involved in strength training for almost 15 years and trying every supplement under the sun, I wasn’t expecting dramatic results from your testosterone booster. I’ve just finished
my first cycle and the results are nothing short of incredible.

I’ve dropped two inches off my waist whilst increasing all of my lifts. M yenergy levels are up, my sex drive is up but more importantly than anything mentioned your product has given me that extra focus I needed to kick start my business as a trainer.

Can’t thank you enough for the great product and the brilliant seminar that you put on in the UK with Dan John and Sabina Skala. I can’t recommend this product or your book enough, brilliant work.

-Iain Johnson, Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor and Nutrition Specialist

I began using the Testosterone Booster 2 weeks ago, and it has been superb so far. I take one at 7am, and another at around noon each day. Like many/most, I’ve always had way more drive than my body could recover from without putting me into a huge deficit (fog) the next day, or even 2 days later. 

My management job is very technical, so that fog was unacceptable since intense and accurate focus at work is an absolute necessity, needless to say that it was also hampering my workout progress. I learned quite a while back to keep the intensity in check, and had even spaced my workouts accordingly, allowing two days of rest in between instead of one. 

Now, at age 54, and after using it for only 2 weeks, I’ve found that my recovery is much quicker, and my energy is optimal every single day, and I can work out every other day when I get the chance without the lingering fatigue. I love it!  I can’t wait to see how much progress I can make over the next six weeks.

–Mark Hanington 

I’m very pleased to say I just ordered another 3 bottles of Aggressive Strength! I just wanted to say, I have only been taking it for 2-3 weeks but I’ve noticed a significant improvement in several areas of my life/training. 

I’m pretty busy, I work a 9-5 and teach martial arts in the evening as well as fitting in my own kettlebell training routine. The last couple of weeks I’ve been hitting it hard with the kettlebells, approaching PB’s again after a bit of a lull. My students in my Kung Fu classes don’t know what’s hit them! Hill sprints, burpees, sparring have been turned up a notch or 5 and I’m recovering quickly and feeling fresh for each session. 

I generally drag myself out of bed in the morning and whilst I’m not yet springing out of bed, I am getting up feeling fresher and managing some Tai Chi and mobility work in the mornings before work.

Whilst by no means being overweight, I’ve dropped half a stone in weight and certainly looking more defined

–Mark Stevenson 

Hello my name is Jaffer Panezai. I am a semipro Kickboxer out of NJ and I am a huge fan of Mr. Mahler. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using the test booster because my testosterone was on the lower end. Between that and the restorenzyme I am noticing a huge different with my training/recovery. I also use the recovery oil and I love it. Because of Mr. Mahler I became a vegetarian as well, all these things have led me to such a healthier lifestyle and a successful fighting career. I just want to thank you guys for having such an amazing product line and being so informative. I just had to write this email and thank you! 

–Jaffer Panezai

Just finished an 8 week course of your testosterone booster after having a break for a few months, and I am feeling unstoppable. I am hitting personal bests every week, and am now doing 1.5 hour non stop workouts, lifting heavy with high intensity, 3x a week. I feel like an animal!

I’ve gone from weighing 102kg down to 96kg, but have got bigger and stronger. Thought I would start doing dead lifts last night, so I did 5 sets working my way up to 120kg for the last 2. First set at 120kg I got 6 reps out. Second set my adrenal gland must’ve kicked in, and I pumped out 11 reps like it was nothing. Could’ve went heavier but decided that was enough for first week, and lower back is a bit stuff this morning haha. Your product works, I feel young again, in mind and body. Thanks Mike!

–Nath Mel

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