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Seven More Tips To Improve Testosterone Levels and Overall Health

  • Poor digestion is one of the main reasons for a poor hormonal profile including low testosterone levels. If you have poor digestion you fail to extract optimal nutrition to energize an optimal hormonal profile. Eating quickly often leads to poor digestion so slow down and take your time instead of using the vacuum cleaner technique at meals. Probiotics and ginger also help with gut issues and in turn, improve digestion.
  • Optimal levels of zinc and magnesium are crucial for optimal testosterone levels and an ideal testosterone-to-estrogen ratio. Zinc is an aromatase inhibitor and magnesium increases DHEA and free levels of testosterone. Hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds are both high in zinc and magnesium. In addition, black beans and cacao are also loaded with magnesium. The best supplement for magnesium and zinc is Recovery Oil Information
  • Every time you have a poor night of sleep you miss out on an opportunity to produce testosterone, improve insulin and leptin sensitivity, and keep cortisol in check. Read for a few hours before bedtime to fatigue the mind and improve sleep quality. Watching TV for a few hours before bedtime has the opposite effect. My favorite sleep stack
  • One effective method to improve leptin and insulin sensitivity (both are master control hormones that affect other hormones such as testosterone and GH) is to take long stretches between meals such as 5-6 hours. This will also improve digestion and fat loss as well. Have a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates and you will be satiated for many hours. The best supplements for improving leptin and insulin sensitivity are Berberine (Toniq brand), Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg brand), and R Lipoic Acid (Life extension brand). You don’t need to take all three and of the three Berberine is by far my favorite. It works just as well as the drug Metformin without the negative impact on gut health, B-12 depletion, and reduced testosterone production.
  • Selenium is an important mineral for optimal testosterone levels. Just one Brazil nut has bout 50mcg of selenium and 2-4 Brazil nuts per day will supply optimal selenium levels for most.
  • According to anti-aging expert Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, high consumption of alcohol, coffee, and tea causes prostate hypertrophy by excessively increasing estrogen levels. In my opinion, no more than four cups of coffee per day should not be an issue and the same goes for tea. As for alcohol, if you have low testosterone and high estrogen levels, you should cut out consumption 100% until the issues are resolved. Alcohol converts testosterone to estrogen and has a negative impact on insulin sensitivity. Moreover, alcohol has a tendency to make men very emotional and have illusions of grandeur as well. For insurance against estrogen dominance use EC EC-Estrogen Control Information
  • While heavy lifting can increase testosterone and growth hormone the increase is short lived and does not last long enough to have immense benefits. You need optimal testosterone and growth hormone levels to get the most out of your workouts rather than having the illusion that you can optimize both anabolic hormones by engaging in physical training. Keep workouts under an hour to avoid a depletion in testosterone and growth hormone and an increase in cortisol. Prioritize restoration by getting recovery massages often, insuring sleep is high quality, and engaging in stress management activities such as walking, tai chi, chi-kung, yoga, and daily joint mobility Joint Mobility Workout
  • There are many products sold as natural testosterone boosters but few actually work as most who have tried over-the-counter options know all too well. While commonly promoted herbs such as Tribulus, Fenugreek, and Tongkat Ali don’t do jack to ramp up total and free testosterone, there are fortunately a few herbs that work exceptionally well. The most powerful herbs for increasing testosterone are African herbs. My favorites are Bulbine Nataleneis, Fadogia Agrestis, and Massularia Acuminata. Of the three, Bulbine Natalensis is the king. All three herbs work in a similar manner so stacking all three will probably not be additive and may even be subtractive. Bulbine Natalensis for example works on a bell curve meaning more is not better. If you take too much, it will lower testosterone. Therefore, my recommendation is to use a Bulbine Natalensis-based product such as my Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster for 12 weeks then cycle off and use Fadogia or Massularia for 4 weeks. If ASTB doesn’t get your testosterone into the optimal range then the next step is Clomiphene citrate or Enclomiphene citrate. The latter is a superior option as Clomid contains a mix of two stereoisomers, zuclomiphene citrate, and enclomiphene citrate. The enclomiphene citrate portion is responsible for the desired benefits of increased LH and FSH (signaling hormones the brain sends to the testes to ramp up T) and subsequently increased total and free testosterone production. Zuclomiphene on the other hand is a estrogen receptor agonist and can cause estrogen side effects such as mood swings, anxiety, and vision issues. It also stays in your system for up to 30 days! Enclomiphene essentially eradicates the negative aspects of Clomid and emphasizes all of its beneficial properties. This allows for a lower dosage of 12.5 to 25mg every third day instead of 50mg every third day with Clomiphene Citrate. Every third day is an effective protocol that leading hormone optimization expert Dr. Mark Gordon recommends. For the record, Dr. Gordon has used Clomid for years with many of his patients without any negative side effects reported. I have used Clomid as well following Dr. Gordon’s protocol and did not experience any negatives. I like to cycle Clomid with ASTB and while I have never experienced any issues with Clomid, I plan to use Enclomiphene going forward. I also find that stacking ASTB with Clomid is superior to taking Clomid alone as ASTB not only increases free and total testosterone, it also augments Dopamine and Growth Hormone via the ingredient Mucuna Pruriens. Dopamine is a crucial neurotransmitter for motivation and drive and Growth Hormone is important for training recovery, improving sleep quality, and skin health. ASTB also contains Stinging Nettle Root which improves free testosterone (The only measure of testosterone that matters as free is what you have access to) and has a positive effect on liver and prostate health.


Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone and How to Optimize Levels

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