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Are your hormones holding you back from realizing your full potential and enjoying life fully?

I have been delivering information on the importance of optimizing hormones for over a decade and while it has become much more mainstream in the last several years, I am astonished by how few realize the importance of improving hormone balance for overall health and quality of life. It is something that everyone should prioritize but like many things in life most wait until they are dealing with serious issues before taking any actions. 

Regardless, of what your goals are, your endocrine system plays a significant role in your ability to perform at your best. If your goal is to lose excess fat and finally keep it off indefinitely, then it would behoove you to address the master control hormones leptin and insulin as well as thyroid hormones. Trying to get rid of stubborn body fat such as excess stomach fat? Good luck getting it done with excessive cortisol and adrenaline resistance Are you a man with an abysmal sex drive that thinks the blue pill or the 36-hour one are the solutions? ED drugs are only going to work if you have an optimal sex drive to start with and the hormones testosterone and DHT play crucial roles in not just an optimal libido but an optimal mood and increasing confidence to crush all of your goals.  Dealing with depression and anxiety? Learn about the roles DHEA and pregnenolone play in improving stress management, mood, and brain health. Are you aware of the negative impact of toxins on hormone production and balance and what you can do about it? You will be once you take the time to read this article THE NEGATIVE IMPACT OF TOXINS ON HORMONE BALANCE AND PRODUCTION

In addition to playing an integral role in ideal physique composition and a healthy libido, the benefits of hormone balance go far beyond. Everything from cardiovascular health to brain health, to a positive mental outlook, are all heavy influenced by your hormones. I am not saying that improving your hormone profile is the only answer to all of your problems, but it definitely plays a significant role in helping you live life to the fullest and improving your ability to handle problems and blast through obstacles. It is worth your time and focus and should be taken seriously. 

My recommendation is to spend less time binging on Netflix, watching the news all day long, or worse wasting time on social media debating with people you will never meet in the real world or looking for validation from strangers. If your self worth is based on how many likes your pictures get on Instagram then there is no telling how messed up you already are.  Spending hours watching television or on social media sites will not have a meaningful impact on the quality of your life and if anything are simply distractions from what you need to work on. Also, if you’re trying to build a business you need to spend more time creating content not consuming content. 

Once you stop wasting time being addicted to your smartphone, you will have more time to take advantage of all the free information on hormone optimization available on my website. If you’re more of an auditory learner, then get my hormone optimization lecture series and listen to all the experts we had on the LLA show over the years as well. The latter is also free and the information from experts such as Dr. Mark Gordon, Dr. Thomas Incledon, Dr. William Wong, and Dr. Nick Delgado is priceless. You have the ability to take advantage of it without spending a dime. 

Don’t expect anything to change in 2024 or beyond if you don’t change. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said if you want your life to get better then you need to get better. Improving your hormone profile assists you with being your best self so make it a priority and enjoy the immense benefits. 

To save you some time here is a list of every LLA show episode on hormone optimization 

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Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone and How to Optimize Levels

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