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Addressing low free testosterone levels

My total testosterone levels are pretty high at 775ng/dl but my free testosterone is very low at only 8 pg/ml. What can I do to increase free testosterone levels? First, if you engage in intense training and fail to take a few days off to rest before getting your blood drawn, you may have low

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ASC #54 Jerry Brainum on Turkesterone, is GH overrated? Finasteride and ED, heart health supplements

My favorite expert to talk to on all things supplements Jerry Brainum returns to discuss

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Recommended tests before testosterone boosting protocols

Unlike other supplement companies that sell natural testosterone boosters and estrogen control supplements, I actually encourage my customers to get before and after blood work, as I know my products in contrast to most of my competitors actually work. This is why we have so many testimonials for ASTB where customers detail the significant improvements

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What do you think of Andrew Huberman’s hormone optimization information?

From what I have seen his understanding of hormone optimization is very antiquated, to say the least. While he may be an expert on Neuroscience, I don’t know enough to know either way, he is definitely not an expert on what is viable for hormone optimization a field I have been studying since 2005. For

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Recovery is everything! Restoration must be prioritized

Recovery is everything. Without adequate recovery not only will your training performance suffer greatly, you will place yourself in a rapidly aging state and increase the likelihood of health issues. Your hormonal profile for sure will be negatively affected which is why sex drive and function are obliterated when stress levels remain too high for

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The best supplement for training recovery

Essential fatty acids, ginger, and curcumin are all useful to mitigate inflammation and support healing. However, they are not even close to the power of systemic enzymes for improving workout recovery and pain relief. I started using systemic enzymes in the early 2000s. It took a few weeks to find the activation dosage but once

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ASC: 54 Mirella Carlucci on why hormone optimization is impossible without gut and liver health

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ASC#49 Dr. Gordon on brain inflammation and hormones, Clomid with TRT, most healing Peptides, DHEA

It is always a pleasure to talk to the super-knowledgeable Dr. Mark Gordon. In this episode we discuss  Check out Dr. Gordon’s site Follow Dr. Gordon on IG

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Episode 252: Dr. Gordon on the best nutraceuticals to combat COVID-19 and the benefits of BPC-157

LLA Ep:#252: Fan favorite, Dr. Mark Gordon returns to help sift through all of the information, regarding the coronavirus, as well as the following: Dr. Gordon shares what particular minerals have shown to combat viruses, including Convid-19 What is Dr. Gordon’s opinion regarding chloroquine and shares if it is a viable choice to fight the

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Mike Mahler on the Fitness Burn Podcast discussing hormone optimization, optimal training, and nutrition

It was great being a guest on Natanael Elmore’s Fitness Burn Podcast discussing Leptin, hormone optimization, nutrition, and optimal training. Yes I should be charging for this great info 😉  For more great interviews, check out Nathanael’s website at:

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Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone and How to Optimize Levels

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