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LLA EPISODE 286: The Rise of Online Fake Hormone Optimization Experts

I have been delivering information on the importance of optimizing hormones for over a decade and while it has become much more mainstream in the last several years, I am astonished by how few realize the importance of improving hormone balance for overall health and quality of life. It is something that everyone should prioritize but like

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Episode 252: Dr. Gordon on the best nutraceuticals to combat COVID-19 and the benefits of BPC-157

LLA Ep:#252: Fan favorite, Dr. Mark Gordon returns to help sift through all of the information, regarding the coronavirus, as well as the following: Dr. Gordon shares what particular minerals have shown to combat viruses, including Convid-19 What is Dr. Gordon’s opinion regarding chloroquine and shares if it is a viable choice to fight the

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Mike Mahler on the Fitness Burn Podcast discussing hormone optimization, optimal training, and nutrition

It was great being a guest on Natanael Elmore’s Fitness Burn Podcast discussing Leptin, hormone optimization, nutrition, and optimal training. Yes I should be charging for this great info 😉  For more great interviews, check out Nathanael’s website at:

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