General Fitness Training

Five tips to improve training performanceĀ 

  Consume carbohydrates during your workouts If you train more than forty-five minutes. When

Surprising things that can affect your workout

Jane Davids Most of us have had a bad workout day, even despite having seemingly done all the right

Can we use lucid dreaming to improve ourselves?

Jane Davids  Lucid dreaming has become a hot topic in recent times as a result of more research

Use Trackers to Reduce Workout Anxiety

Jane Davids  Research proves that exercise helps reduce anxiety if the anxious person can make

Online Training Journal With Strongman Legend And Top Strength Coach Mark Philippi

I started my joint venture with Mark Philippi on March 1, 2010. I am going to go through a twelve

The Importance of Variety

By Ross Enamait Variety is defined as the quality or state of having different forms or types. Variety

It's All About the Shoes

By Steve Maxwell   In my quest to continually improve and evolve (both personally

Intense Cardio And Structural Integrity Training

By Mike Mahler Intense cardio (the kind that leaves you huffing and puffing) is not only beneficial

Aggressive Strength Training Programs #1

By Mike Mahler Program #1: Cycling In And Out Of High Volume Training For Serious Size And Strength

Aggressive Strength Q&A With Mike Mahler Issue 1

Q: I just saw a youtube clip of you military pressing two 97 lb. kettlebells for a few reps. Your form

Fitness Training for People Who Could Care Less About Getting Big or Ripped

Mike Mahler Many want to get as strong and as muscular as possible; others want to get ripped

The Benefits Of Human Weight Training

By John Wild Buckley I first started picking people up in college. It was a spontaneous thing, a fun

The Benefits Of Online Training

By Jon Hinds Do you want to cut fat, gain muscle, and move and feel better? Then online training might

A Reflection On Progression

By Steven Khuong CSCS The new year’s “body change challenge” has sparked great excitement

Things That Are Good For You

By Dan John Everybody knows that certain things are “good for you.” In fact, I am usually

Dan John's Ten Commandments of Fitness

By Dan John First Commandment: There is one truth to long-term fitness: there is no perfect program.

Functional Training - An Obsolete Term?

by Karsten Jensen, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Msc Exercise Physiology. Functional training is

You Have To Make It A Priority

By Sara Cheatham When people ask me what I “do” and I tell them that I am a personal trainer,

Do What Works!

By Zach Even – Esh Training, in my opinion, has become too scientific and too complicated. This

Filling in the Holes Part 1: How to Put Several Training Tools Together for Maximum Pprogress

By Josh Henkin Trends, fads, gimmicks…hell, they’re all part of the strength and conditioning

Powerlifting Expert Louie Simmons On Teen Lifting

By Louie Simmons There has been much said about lifting and age. Everyone has their viewpoint. The

Training at 50 (or Younger)... and Beyond

By Vince McConnell  With apologies to TC Luoma (brains of T-Nation for those uninformed),

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