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Kettlebell Primer E-Book


This is a great ebook to get started with kettlebell training.

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This is a great ebook to get started with kettlebell training. First of all, it only costs $9.95! It has information for beginners on how to get started with kettlebell training, programs for MMA, how to add kettlebell training to your standard gym workouts, kettlebell training for fat loss, kettlebell training for size and strength, kettlebell training for speed and explosive power, as well as a directory of several kettlebell exercises. Includes pictures and descriptions.

Only $9.95! No need to ponder on this one! Get it now.


“‘I’ve been working with kettlebells for about a year following Pavel’s Enter the kettlebell and have made some good gains and have enjoyed the program.¬†That is until I read your ebooks.¬†Before I even finished your books I went back online and purchased a second kettlebell and started training with double kettlebells right away. While following one of your workout programs using double kettlebells, even in a short two months, I’ve been able to make greater gains than I have in the past year.”

–Ron Putnam


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