Episode 62: Spartacus TV Series Trainer Tyrone Bell On What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes

As trainer for the hit Spartacus TV series,Tyrone Bell is also a highly sought-after international stuntman, trainer to the stars, IFBB pro fitness physique competitor, fitness model, and creator of the Legion Training online training program.

During Ep.#62, Tyrone takes time out from his current projects & reaches out to Mike & Sincere from New Zealand to discuss:

    • Tyrone shares how he got the job as the trainer for the "Spartacus" series
    • Tyrone discusses his life as a stunt double for Manu Bennett (Crixus)
    • What was Tyrone's connection to to Xena & Hercules
    • How did Tyrone juggle proper training with each individual of the actors of Spartacus
    • How did Tyrone help Liam McIntyre beef up for his role of Spartacus
    • How did the cast and Liam adjust to the passing of the series's original Spartacus, Andy Whitfield
    • Which actors made the biggest transformation via Tyrone's training
    • What was Tyrone's particular training style of choice for the cast of Spartacus & how did he have to adapt that training compared to what he was used to
    • What was Tyrone's approach to nutrition for the actors, during the filming of Spartacus
    • What were some of the most memorable moments off set 
    • What was Tyrone's approach to training some of the stars of Spartacus in between seasons
    • Why did Tyrone not have to work with Peter Mensah (Oenamaus)
    • How has the popularity of Spartacus affected Tyrone's current career
    • What exactly is Legion Training?
    • What do drug tests & banned substances have to do with Spartacus?
    • What does Tyrone have to say to all of the folks claiming they created the "Spartacus workout"


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