Episode 175: Elite Powerlifter Paul Tabone on optimal Squat and Deadlift technique and the benefits of Angry Joe Coffee

Paul Tabone is an elite powerlifter and the owner and mind behind Angry Joe Coffee. Paul created Angry Joe because of his love for strength training and his love for coffee. However, Angry Joe is not some ordinary coffee found in a green and white cup with a mermaid logo. This supplement-infused coffee, with its organic beans, high caffeine and fat burning qualities, was formulated for those who train intensely and enjoy a good cup of Joe. Paul joins us to discuss the following:

  • Why your gym and the IRS want you to fail but will support your efforts in failure
  • How to find the perfect gym that is the right fit for you
  • Paul shares which style of squat he prefers and why
  • How can you find the ideal squat technique that fits your body
  • When is the "no hands" squat a viable option
  • Why you should think twice before you post that photo of your ripped hands, after a hard training session
  • Paul shares how he utilizes the weight belt during deadlifts, as well as the benefits of using the hook grip
  • Why Taco Bell & Dragon Flags don't mix
  • What are Paul's 3 go-to ab exercises
  • The guys share Vegas prostitute stories
  • How did Paul get into the coffee business
  • Paul talks coffee as a pre-workout & why he is a fan of cold brew coffee

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