Episode 145: Mike Gillette shares his days as an Army paratrooper, SWAT commander, arresting network marketers, breaking Guinness World records

Mike Gillette shares his days as an Army paratrooper, SWAT commander, arresting network marketers, breaking Guinness World records, taking out terrorists w/coffee pots, the surprising event that stands out the most from his LE day

Mike Gillette’s life story reads like an action-adventure novel. A life which includes time spent as an Army Paratrooper, SWAT Commander, Government Counter-Terrorism Expert, Bodyguard to Fortune 500 Executives and a Record-Breaking Motivational Strongman whose feats have been documented by Guinness World Records and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

As both practitioner and purveyor, he is a pioneer in the field of mind skills. Through speaking, workshops and one-on-one coaching, Mike Gillette teaches proprietary methods for breakthrough improvements in mental performance. In other words, Mike's a bonified badass. Mike joins the LLA show to share the following:

    • Mike shares the story of the time he arrested a network marketer. Guess what happened next.
    • How did a rock-climbing accident nearly end Mike's military and law enforcement career before it started
    • Why are the guys discussing Donald Trump? You may be surprise.
    • Mike discusses the problem with the growing world of "precious snowflakes" & political correctness
    • How did Mike's Forest Gump-styled life lead him to a career in the military, law enforcement, strongman world records, and more
    • Mike describes teaching flight attendants how to take out terrorists with coffee pots & other areas of instruction for his past clients
    • Mike shares why performing a judo on a attacker on a plane is not necessarily a great idea & how such a scenario played a major part in securing a security contract with some of the major airline companies
    • Out of all of the action Mike saw as a law enforcement officer, why does a stop involving a routine 911 call, CNN, & a grandmother stand out the most

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