Episode 136: Dwayne Crawford on animal rescue and adoption, life in Panama, and NBA stars

Dwayne Crawford is an animal adoption expert at the Nevada SPCA. For many years he has worked tirelessly to help abandoned animals find forever homes. Dwayne joins Mike & Sincere to discuss the following:

  • Dwayne shares the pros and cons of adopting a senior dogs
  • What lengthy process did Mike go through before adopting his latest rescue & why you should consider this process before adopting you next pet
  • How did Dwayne ending up on a farm in Panama, playing basketball with various NBA stars, and embarking on a modeling career play a major part of -Dwayne's journey to animal rescue
  • Dwayne shares the story of the abusive Nevada vet, whose behavior was a major catalyst to Dwayne working with the Nevada SPCA
  • The guys discuss how humans are more like animals than they care to admit, and how animals are more humane than most humans
  • What is Dwayne's advice for those who are looking to rescue a dog

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